New Achievements, Pets and rares this week

Let's just say that I was feeling a little pooped at being stuck on Lei Shen for so long.  It made me sad.  So I did what I usually do to feel better... I spent money.  So this is my latest acquisition, and it sure is one crazy one.  /love Murky

Now this was a lucky acquisition!  Gutsy invited me to party up with him and Falln and Souglyy so I could get some PvP kills on Jubei and hopefully get some bloody coins.  However, we spent more time killing rares or dying to Kilnmasters.  Garnia was up so me and Falln went to go get it and we kited in.

Just as I landed in front of Garnia, Gutsy said he was going to a ToT group and asked us to come.  I said no. He left group and because Souglyy and I were in the group with Falln, the majority dominated and suddenly we were shifted back to Saurfang - where there was NO Garnia.  Argh!  I quickly dropped group and begged Falln to reinvite me and we partied up again and Garnia was being killed.  I quickly headed over and noobfired a few times and when I went to loot there was a Ruby Droplet there!  I was so thrilled!

More archaeology.  Digging has taken a back seat lately.

Finishing that 2nd wing of LFR got me this achievement.  

Now this was getting all the different Celestial buffs from the Isle from the shrines.  So random this! I seemed to get a lot of corrupted Ordos shrines - pulling agro wasn't fun!

We got this achievement in the raid in Flex, where none of the NPCs died.  It was pretty easy to do.  Not so easy in normal - Loth'remar dies a lot!

I didn't realise I didn't have this achievement, so when we were doing Siege of Niuzao on heroic so Voros could get into challenge mode, we tried to do this.  I was hopeless at jumping across!  We wiped it a few times and the time I got it, Lush had fallen down so he didn't get it but he wanted to get the instance over and done with.  It was good, we got a silver for that CM, for Sev, Voros and Aimei (Lush's monk).

I'm a bit dumb, and I get lost easily.  So Zarhym and I did not have fun times when I stuffed up and got lost time after time.  Then one time I saw the bones and when I got seen and kicked from the undead world, I realised how to get there - gosh I had gone that way so many times!  So I just kept walking the path to remind myself.  On my second last attempt, I was impatient trying to get past the last ghost that was hanging around in my way FOREVER and I tried to be smart and displacer through it, which was just stupid.  But on my 6th go I got it, and I was glad. Good ol' Zarhym is Altogether again.

As the Isle gets quieter, it's easier to get rare pics.  I like Zesqua - I think it's all the bubbles.


  1. Grats on the achievements and I'm ever so slightly jealous of your latest pet
    Urgh I hate Cinderfall. On my server everyone always pulls him desperately along with multiple mobs and it gets so messy.

    1. You wouldn't be jealous of my credit card bill...
      But Cinderfallis hard to take a picture of. That molten mob in front of it is in my way of the picture so I have to wait for someone to pull that away, and then everyone runs in to agro cinderfall and like you said, it's a bloody mess!

  2. I envision getting Zarhym back to his bones being my life's work. I get impatient with those ghosts and get seen every time, grats on that! And oh, the Garnia pet is not a myth! So cute!

    1. I am very impatient too! Is it a druid thing? And I know it made no difference but it made me feel better to stealth the whole way! I can't do it in Tauren from - I'm too big!

  3. Wasn't me we were doing it for!

    1. You might be right - it must have been that lazy monk of Lushnek's!

  4. <3 Murky is just adorable. ^-^

    Grats on such a cute little addition and all those awesome achieves!

  5. Replies
    1. The craziest one you will ever know! :D


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