New achievements and rares this week

The only day I got any achievements was the day we did our Shado-pan Monastery silver run, and not only did I get all those silver achievements, I also snagged this 100,000 valor points one too!  Sev got it after we did a dungeon afterwards, so I'm not the only one! (APPARENTLY anyone who has alts and runs regular LFR has this one...)

Only one new pet this week - I bought this one from trade channel.  He wanted to sell me more pets but I did say that there were very few pets I didn't have - but I would be happy to buy any others for the right price!

And I was surprised I don't have these rares in my collection.  I've seen them heaps of times!

Woot, got a picture of Garnia before she was killed!  A shame she was in the water, it looks kinda... red.

And a RARE picture of Guchi NOT being killed!  So hard to get this one!

And Stinkbraid is hard to take a pic of with all his minions around.  This is the best I could do, and the damned marker wouldn't go off his head!


  1. OMG! And here I thought that big caterpillar was a fancy lawn ornament at Old Pi'jiu cause I've never seen it alive!

    1. I think the same thing about the crab and turtle!

  2. I like your low shot of Gu'chi and the icon is annoying at times.

  3. I don't have the valor one I don't think even with all my alts if it makes you feel better.


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