Navispam - Starrestruck!

I had a nice surprise the other day - I got a whisper from Starre!  She had made a toon on my server to say hello to me!

Starre writes at Warcraft Trading Post, and has been a visitor of my blog for ages.  She writes a bit about everything in WoW, and I love reading about her adventure.  I have been trying to visit her and had a funny incident once where I whispered someone who had some pictures of them on her blog and it turned out they were a friend of Starre's, not Starre herself!  That was a little bit embarrassing :)  I did manage to see her once but she was in an LFR and I couldn't stay long so I said I would come back later.

However, in her post earlier this month, she mentioned that she would pop by.  I didn't think she would actually find me, but she did!

Our time differences are large, and it was fortunate we managed to cross paths - it's not often that I'm online at 430am.  I had fallen asleep putting the kids to bed and woken up at a ridiculous time.  We chatted a little as I peppered her with endless questions, and she suddenly realised she had an OpenRaid to go to!  So the visit was cut a bit short,

I quickly got on her server to see her and take a navispam pic and hopefully we can catch up again soon.  Thanks for the Starrespam and for letting me Navispam you Starre!


  1. It was fun catching up with you Navi. It's really too bad we're in such different times because I think it would be a blast to hang out now and then. Starrespam just doesn't have as nice a ring as Navispam does haha but then again I did say I was Starrestalking you hehe. I'm totally flattered to have been NaviSpammed! Thank you.

    1. I was so happy you came to visit! I wish we could chat more but I at least I can chat to you through our respective blogs :D

    2. Nice to see that you're getting "spammed" as well Navi. :)

      Oh, I like the term "Starrestalking". It has a nice ring to it. :)


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