Minipost: Guess who's baaaaack!

Our missing in action former GM has decided to play again.  The funny thing was that I had decided to send him a random text, asking him why wasn't he back, since it was already mid October.  He replied me saying that he was actually about to surprise everyone with a comeback and I was quite thrilled!

At the time of me writing this he hadn't transferred over yet as he had to figure out how to get all his gold across.  Somehow he didn't seem particularly happy to just give me all his leftover gold to mind on Dath'remar....

We asked about his wrist, and he said he has been using a vertical mouse. Kyxyn and I echoed each other's question:

"What the hell is that?"

Kyxyn thought it might be something to do with hickory clocks...

Hickory dickory dock...

... it turns out it's something like this:

I tried to imagine it, and it seemed rather strange!  But hey, whatever works, right??

At this stage, Fue said he'd like to be casual, and we will be running our first Flex with him on Sunday night, so that's pretty exciting.  I'm pleased he's back - do you think I get him to fix guild finances??? :D

I had to put some sickly sweet happy face in there somewhere!  Welcome back Fue :)


  1. I've seen those vertical mice at work .. they're very weird looking, but they seem to do the trick. Some people also have a weird arm rest contraption that fixes to the desk and pokes out, so that your arm is never less than the height of the desk ... not really sure whether that helps .. I guess it depends on your chair :P

  2. I bet you're all happy about Fue's return. And I got all excited when I saw the mouse thinking maybe that would solve my problem ... but it's not the mouse arm that has a problem. Oh well, they probably don't make left-handed ones anyway.

    1. I'm happy he's back - I'm hoping he will do the gold side of things! Because you know how hopeless I am with that - about as hopeless as I am with alts!

  3. That vertical mouse is quite a cool idea. I use a normal mouse but rather than twist my whole forearm I just twist my wrist which can cause aches & pains and my finger tips don't quite sit on the buttons properly.

    1. How do you twist just your wrist? I am trying it now but my whole forearm turns... but maybe that vertical mouse is for you Jojo!


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