Guildleader chores: Still working out that EPGP!

I like EPGP - when I remember to turn lootmaster on, or when people decide they want to keep loot instead of swapping it around and I have to juggle the GP around...

But there are a few things I'm having trouble with.

The first one, is that my values for GP for items are different from Lushnek's.  For some reason his are so much higher than mine!  For example, Sev got a warforged item which Lush's GP said was worth 2000+ and mine said it was worth 880!  So we've decided to go with my loot values, but it means that if I'm not in raid then I have to tell Lush what the items are worth.  We both went to /epgp config and both ticked "enable" in Tooltips but it's still giving us differing numbers.  It was noticed because Sev was complaining that he had a lot of GP but only one loot and I suddenly realised why (ie Lush had been doing the loot that day).

The other thing funny thing I get sometimes is that I can't see a loot on the dropdown menu so I can award it properly at the end of a raid.  Lush says if someone whispers it to you, you can select it, but I still find it a bit buggy!  It works well for him though.

I went to other guilds to look up what they charge and basically my values seemed to be the right ones.  So based on my research of other guilds, these are the values we're using for loot:

Item slot
553 iLvl
559 iLvl
Helm,Chest, Legs10001173
Ring, Wrist, Cloak, Neck, Offhand/Shield500587
Shoulder, Gloves, Belt, Boots750880
2H and Ranged weapons20002347
1H weapons15001760
*2H weapons for Warriors with Titan's Grip will be charged at the 1H price

A reminder to all guildies that standard looting rules apply.

  • Loot will be distributed by EPGP priority looting
  • Mainspec before offspec
  • Required alts receive loots ahead of offspec but still behind mainspec regardless of raider status
One thing I haven't worked out yet and still fiddling around with is decay.  I think I will make Tuesday the decay day.

EP is yet another thing I haven't had time to work out!  I have only given EP for new boss kills and I think I might leave it that way.  The other big EP thing I haven't worked out is donations!  I think I will have to make an entire post on it to work it out in my head and get some feedback before I stick it on the guild website.

And also, I need to get the other officers to get EPGP so that when I am away and Lush is away, somebody can do the EPGP!  Because come Blizzcon, there will be a week of chaos!  So yes, Sev and Moopie, I am talking about you two!