Guildleader chores - Assigning EP for donations

A lot of guilds have donations and effort points (EP) set up to encourage donations.  At the moment each raider supplies their mats but it would be nice if we could supply flasks - I think it's not unreasonable for the raid/guildbank to supply food!

I've been trying to figure out how much I should limit and what cap I should set.  At first I was thinking of 200EP as the cap for donations for the week, but that's only one hour of raiding.  I think that it would be more reasonable to make it one day of raiding's EP which is 400EP.

Another thing I had been considering is what values for what items.  I came up with this preliminary list:

200EP for
  • 2000 gold
  • 1 stack of MoP flasks
  • 3 Belt Buckles
  • 3 Leg Enchants/Leg Armours
  • 3 uncut meta gems
  • 3 shoulder enchants
  • 1 stack of feasts
However, I had a second think about it and I thought maybe I should list it as a need basis.  Someone could just keep donating the same flasks every week, and we mght end up with 100 flasks of one type of flask and 0 of another!  And  a lot of people would not need metas much with the legendary.  A lot of people bring their own flasks, so I might make it so that everyone brings flasks to a raid - but food will be supplied.  And I think I shall offer bonus EP for stuff  we're low on.

That should get the guild bank coffers full!  So remember everyone, decay on Tuesday, and donations are open from Wednesday!  Send them in the mail and I will return them if it's not part of the list - I will credit the EP for you as soon as I can!


  1. I dislike the idea that a guildie can boost their EP through gold, mats, etc. I understand the intent, but it opens EPGP to more maintenance tasks and possibly drama. Mainly because I'd hate to see two people who have very close EP where one gets an item above the other because he saw the difference and dumped in a lot of mats at the last minute.

    1. You can only donate once a week. And also only on Wednesday before raid. It just gives a slight edge to someone who constantly gives to the guild over someone who just turns up. And at least it's fair and open so everyone can see.

  2. Leg, belt, meta's & shoulder aren't worth including. The cost isn't nearly equal to the rest & they are so infrequently needed that it isn't worth it the extra admin. With a roster of 15 people, half gearing offspecs, allowing for 2 pieces per slot per spec per tier, and then you still only need 45 over 6 (?) months. Coloured gems maybe, since those have a much higher rate of use, but not the others.

    A more important thing to add might be potions, since not everyone is always bringing them. Maybe lower the denominator to 5 flasks, 20 potions, 500g, ?? feasts = 50-100 EP - whatever is a more fair balance.

    Also putting a limit on how many times per week it can be done, both for loot fairness & to make sure the donation tab log is never over-flowing and someone's effort gets pushed off. On that note make sure it's in a separate tab for EP donations only, and keep it GM access only so nothing gets moved out before people get credit for their donations.

    More than any other issue, I think a weekly/monthly limit on bonus points is 100% necessary.

  3. Uncut meta gems?
    Yeah I've got a few of that, will send it in when I get a chance to log on... If I get to log on...
    (wife sleeping later and later, squeezing my spare time...)

    The idea of getting EP through donation is not a bad one. It allows the casuals who hardly get to raid a chance to get some gear in the even that they actually get into a raid. None core raiders often only get to raid once a month or even less cos people couldnt come (the flexi raids could kill this off for some guilds). If they have no other means of earning EP then it will take them a long time to get enough EP to use it. This methods allows the borderline people to gain some EP and hence a chance at the raid gear should they get in the raid and increase potential pool of back ups.
    I have spent many long hours in the back up and was fortunate enough to eventually make it. Some others are not so lucky as they dont have EP to spend on gear even if they get the rare chance. (unless it is gear no one wants and happened to be good for them). (and I have been in organised raiding guilds that does mats for raid points at times of need and it does work out).

    Two people with similar EP but one gets the loot because he donated stuff to guild and have a bit more EP. Well, obviously the guy who got the loot contributed than the other guy and therefore he deserves it isnt it? Even if the extra effort was only a flask or something. How else do you set out people apart if they turned up to the raids equally (hence same EP). It is much more than just showing up for a raid to work.



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