Blizzcon merchandise that I want

I saw a whole bunch of new things on the Blizzstore, some of which are exclusive to Blizzcon attendees, and there are some awesome looking things there!

I did used to play a lot of Starcraft but now with WoW that seems to take up all my gaming time - doesn't mean I don't like all the cool things associated with it!

Now on my shopping list from the store is this:

This is a terran Battlecruiser ("Battlecruiser operational!") and though it doesn't look that impressive here, it's got 1500+ pieces.  Not sure if it will earn a place with my Lego hall of fame pieces, but it might not fit anyway!

Just because I can, here are pics of some of the other items I have in my Lego collection (some pics from Lego website coz I have kids in the pictures!)

Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Edition 10179 - apparently  now sells for $8000!
Lego AT-AT 8129
Lego AT-ST  10174
Lego London's Tower Bridge 10214
A custom mosaic hubby had made for my birthday - made by Erik Harshbarger
AND!  Look at this plushie!  Convertible too!  You unzip it and turn it inside out and there's a zergling inside!

Some of the other stuff is sold out already - paladin robes, the Chen Stormstout Plushie... lucky I didn't want any of those anyway!  But hopefully they'll be available again one day!


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    1. I am gonna get it! And teach my kids all about banelings and zerglings!

  2. They look familiar :)
    The robes were kind of funny but this plushie is cute.

    1. And the robes only had one size too...

  3. The plushie is gorgeous! Not sure how it would work if I wanted anything, as the EU store is apparently not selling any "physical" items at the moment .. but I suppose on the up-side I'm less likely to be tempted :P My son has boxes and boxes of lego and refuses to let me get rid (and when I say boxes, I mean those massive ones that you could probably pack a PC into). We've had all sorts of specific models over the years, but once they're made once, they're played with for a while and then broken down and made into something else ... usually traps for unwary feet *rolls eyeballs*

    1. Lego, matchbox cars and those tiny super bouncy balls are just accidents waiting to happen in my house! wait... there have already been a few mishaps... clumsy me!

  4. I was just so happy to learn I get a pet for my virtual ticket purchase. Yep, I'd want that plushie for sure.

    1. People laughed at me and said I sure have an expensive way of getting pets!


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