There's a Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent?

I have decided that it's when you DON'T know that something is going to drop, then it does.  I have no idea what drops what on the island - I see everyone killing a rare and I join in and hope to see some coins and maybe one of those Burden of Eternity.

Yesterday I was running around with my Censer of Eternal Agony and a rare popped up almost right on top of where I was standing.  It was Huolon and for once, this one didn't seem to die in 15 seconds, it had more health than the others and there were very few people hitting it.  I started hitting it and I said in Ventrilo "There's a rare here, Huolon!".  Luxy was at the top of the mountain and came rushing down saying she wanted to kill it because it could drop a mount.  Sev and Shab, who were PvPing with me, as well as Lush on his monk (who was not pvping) came too and Luxy made it there in the last few seconds to get the tag.  I went to loot and saw that I got some coins and some epics, but you know how it is on the Isle... you get a little desensitised to purples, and all I saw was the Timeless Leather Leggings, Lesser Charms and Timeless Coins.

"Grats Nav!" said Shab.
"For what?" I said.
"Oh, grats Nav, nice," said Sev.
"You got the mount," said Lushnek.

I did?

Lo and behold, I went back through the loot text and there it was:

You receive loot: Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent

Now that was cool!  I couldn't mount up, because you can't ride flying mounts on the Isle, so Luxy said I could go out in the water and get fatigued and then I could mount there, so I did.

The first time I forgot I still had my Censer so it looked stupid - I was ghostly red and my mount was ghostly red too.  I got Arvash's DK to kill me (LOL it was funny, it took him SOOO long to kill me, partly because of his gear and also because I was in my full PvP set - Shab said that it was like a boss fight for Arv) so I could drop Censer and mount up.  The mount is actually very nice, with lightning sparking through it.

Yeah, well I couldn't get rid of that goddamn DK photobomber.  Thanks ARV.

Aza's reaction: "Oh, yay, the DRUID gets it.  The one who NEVER uses any mounts because they have flight form.  Grats Nav!  But really, such a waste because I bet you're never going to use it."

And he's right.  Flying on these cloud serpents makes me sea sick.  And they're so bulky.  This gorgeous baby is just another trophy mount to pull out, though I might ride it on the 3rd Sunday of every month :P


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    1. It's pretty indeed but a shame I won't use it much. Wasted, as Az said.

  2. Yesssss ... Az was the warlock that made that comment ... bad Aza! /nod

  3. Grats on the mount Navi!

    Lol, I didn't know you were video taping, I would have glady moved out of the shot...maybe /grin

    Although, it does look like you're about to tail-whip me out of the picture anyways so...=P

  4. Gratz! Every time Huolon spawns I'm too far away to make it there in time :( It's a lovely mount - you should use it atleast twice a month ;)

    1. I will try the once a month first :) It does die a little slower than some of the other rares, but it's still a bit of a long shot!

  5. Awesome!! Gratz! I haven't spent much time on the island really, I know I should get out there but I just haven't been feeling it this week.

  6. Damn, girl! Nice! Those are the best surprises!

    1. They surely are! Unexpected always makes it feel that much more special :)

  7. Huge grats on the mount...I'm so Jelly!

    1. Thanks Pando - I would say good luck but considering your Bonkers luck....

  8. Gratz Navi, it does look like a nice mount.


  9. Congrats Navi! You seem to have good luck with mounts the last couple patches.

    I never use flying mounts on my druid either. If they'd make mounts instant like flight form is then maybe I'd consider it.


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