Some things I didn't know about the Lei Shen fight

We've decided to put an extra raid on Sunday so we can try to get Lei Shen down before the patch.  So far we have had most people sign up, but as yet, no sign of Asys which is a bit of a worry.  However, Bish and Taloski said they were free so that's good heals wise!

Xyn was doing some research on Lei Shen and found a few things that I didn't know about the fight.  In fact, it means that I will probably always take deterrence from hunters now so that I can take a whole static shock by itself.  Here is a forum reply by Zeilyn on MMO Champion forums.

First, we disable diffusion chains as that make intermission phase 2 a lot simpler (here you can then basically just stack whenever you are not catching bolts then)

Finally, the intermission phase is fixed. Diffusion chain comes first, then overcharge. Be sure that those people that have to run far run to positions at about 67% health and are spread 8 yards while doing so.

About the intermission phase 1:
( can advice /console cameraDistanceMax 50 and scroll to max distance during this phase)

This is the order of events (the number is seconds)
T0: Diffusion Chain (Spread 8 yards while positioning)
T2: Overcharge (At this point everyone should be in the back on their quandrants)
T8: Overcharge explode (After explosion you have 4 seconds to catch bolts)
T12: Static Shock (Ignore this warning, keep catching bolts)
T13: Bolts land (After bolts have been caught, you have 7 seconds to get within 8 yards on static shock person. Do not hug, just get arms and hands within 8 yards)
T20: Static Shock explode (After this explosion, get back to initial positions, spreading 8 yards)
T25: Diffusion Chain (Note this is the last chain, spreading after this point is no longer needed)
T25: Overcharge (Get to the overcharged person)
T31: Overcharge explode
T33: Static Shock (Ignore this warning, keep catch bolt. If your platform receives 3 bolts, the static shock person takes the center bolt)
T37: Bolts land (Quickly get to the static shock target. If the bolts are far, allow one bolt to hit the ground and safe the static shock person)
T41: Static Shock Explode (After explosion, go to platform where lei shen will be tanked first)

More info on bolts. After bolts are called, you will have 6 seconds before it lands. Likewise, if the bolt is not caught, it will land again after 6 seconds.

Also note hunters are very strong, they can solo deflect 2 static shock on their own using deterrence. Resto druid can get that ability and deflect 1 static shock. 

Also, if e.g. you are stacking up for static shock, and some players use cooldowns it seems that then (sometimes) they players take a lot less damage but then others take more. We have had deaths in that way. So to be on the safe side, if people were stacking to soak static shock, no cooldowns were used.

The other groups that consist of 3, here all players should identify how they can survive a single hit of static shock. E.g. disc priest using shield + pain supression etc. Have them make a yell macro they use so people know not to stack them.

So what does this mean?  All druids should be taking deterrence where possible.  Hunters should be using deterrence for all static shocks and not stack with the group.  And I think people need to be talking more to say WHICH bouncing bolt they're running to instead of everyone runs to one and ignores the other.  And stick to your circle!

I'm hoping that tonight will go well.  Fingers crossed!  Though, if we do kill it tonight - what will be do on Monday??


  1. Fingers will definately be crossed :). Hmm deterrence for soaking static shock sounds good. We dont have a hunter so I've never tried it before, I tend to get stuck in a rut with Symb and it only ever goes on the monk tank for an extra cd for him or the Sham for Spiritwalkers Grace, which is pretty handy for that fight on the last phase, it means I can channel tranq and still run away for Thunderstruck or lightning whip.
    One thing which you're prob doing but I'll talk about anyway :) is how good mushrooms are for static shock, I lay them at the quarter I'll be stacking on and by each transition they are fully charged and I just make the 3 of us stack on them for static shock and pop them once it's happened. Love seeing health bounce right up again with them.

    1. Half the problem i have with mushrooms is TWO static shocks - you pop it for one then don't have enough time to charge it up again for a second. I have to blow tree form to save the squishy shaman!


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