Raiding: Wednesday - are we getting anywhere yet?

Still struggling on Lei Shen. Stupid restarts right in the middle of raid time didn't help much either.

We did manage to see a little bit after the second transition ONCE. But we lost about half an hour of raiding time which sucks.

With Roshii here the other night we didn't need to bloodlust.  He wasn't feeling well so he sat out and so DPS was a little short again with no bloodlust but when we got Lushnek DPSing for the first bit using Heart of the Wild and the tanks DPSing a little more, we made it to what we would have had before.

Tanking is going a lot smoother.  I see them running and getting their taunts timed right and it's good.  Xyn is working on getting the taunt right for decapitate and then I think the two of them will be tanking well together.

I'm hoping tonight will go well.  I really want this boss over and done with.  Taloski will be there, so hopefully it will be ok!


  1. I'm hearing you, fingers crossed that your boss goes down tonight :)

  2. Basically, raiding is like dancing. No matter how many videos you watch or how many strats you read, you need to get that muscle memory in sync with the fight. Once your hands know where to go, and your brain is remembering the time you should be popping cooldowns, it becomes cake. ;)

    Good luck in your progression Navi!

    1. Thanks Anou! Oh, it's hard sometimes, but I know the main thing is to have FUN but sometimes you get so caught up in it all!


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