Raiding: Thursday - Getting closer but no banana!

I've wondered if I stop caring about a Lei Shen kill will it just happen on its own.  You know how when you really want something it doesn't happen and when you don't really mind either way or you're least expecting it, it happens.

The night started SO WELL.  We were good on transitions and then we got on the final phase Kyjenn (Xyn's tank) died and then someone else died and then we were wiping but we got it further than we had before.  But after that, we didn't improve and in fact things went rather crappy.

Asys' timers were off and he was taunting too late or too early.  He was getting decapitated a few times. Tanks died in between pillars so we wiped.  Bad transitions.  It was frustrating and it didn't help when people on my realID say to me "Gee, haven't you killed it yet?  I've killed it on 2 toons already!  What's taking you so long?" it makes me feel so... bleh!

It was Moo's one day a week to raid so his damage added a lot to DPS which made it comfortable without bloodlust.  Lush didn't even have to DPS.

One more day.  I feel like we can do this, but it's just not gelling.  I know everyone is frustrated but I can't let that get to me!

I gave a gift to a friend today, that cheered me up.  I also gave a pet to another friend (I can't believe he had no Darkmoon pets!) and now I have to find a 3rd thing to give away and I think I have just the thing.  That will bring my day up big time!


  1. Gee havnt you killed it yet? I have killed it on 2 toons already. Whats taking you so long?Well only on one realy haha. Just stirring you navi :)


  2. I hope you guys get it before the patch Navi. Keep trying.

    1. me too! Thanks Cain, your well wishes buoy my hopes!


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