Raiding - Our first look at Siege of Orgrimmar

Server restarts.  Of all the 24 hours they have to do it, they put it right in the MIDDLE of our raid time.  PDT 5am is 10pm AEST and we raid 9pm till 11pm.  I wish they would move it BACK or FORWARD just one hour, and we could have a nice uninterrupted 2 hours of raid.  Is that so much to ask?  I mean, seriously! Our raids are short enough as it is!

Oh and why is an instance reset not at the same time as a server reset?  Wouldn't it be nice if they did that all together?  An extra 15 minutes of time wasted!

OK.  Rant over.  Back to where I'm thrilled with new patch stuff.

Everyone was pretty excited to be coming for the new raid.  I invited Lac to come raid, but we ended up with one over, so I asked him to come for Thursday's raid instead (as Bish will be at work).  He seemed ok with that, though I felt really bad about it.  After his stellar performance on Monday, I realised just how much I missed healing with Lac.  We had Ky and Asys tanking; Bish, Lush and  me healing; Sev, Aza, Souglyy, Luxy and Sabre DPSing.

Trash was interesting until one of them blew up and nearly killed us - that was the guy in the bubble.  Forgive me for not knowing their names - I'm just a healer, I look at health bars.  Oozes like the ones you have to DPS/Heal in the actual fight were creeping along the ground and I tried healing them to see how I would go.

Then onto the first boss, Immerseus.  A big watery dude coming out of a shallow pool of water.  Cool model!  I did my healer reading up from Heliocentric - an Australian blogger with an awesome healing website with tips on heals for each class for each fight in SoO.

The tanks positioned themselves on opposite sides of the room and the healers spread themselves around as well.  Initially we were spread in a half circle but soon decided it was better to go all around the room.  Aza said we should divide it into sections and people get their oozes in those sections.  That's OK, but the massive spread was really hard on healers.  By the end of the night, I thought it was better if we did groups of 3 where each healer has a tank and one other DPS to heal and the other healer has 3 DPS to heal.  I'm not sure if that was how it worked out in the end, but the logic makes sense in my head, and I will make it like that for Sunday's Flex.

Lush and I stuck close to our tanks - and I got a little too close.  The boss does a corrosive blast in a cone in front of him to the tank, and I got hit by it. Ouch.  I also was a dumbass and got hit by the swirl - there is a frontal torrent that moves clockwise for about 135 degrees that you shouldn't run away from if it's almost on you, run through it to get to the other side.  I used displacer a few times, and the others also suggested standing on the edge of the boss's hit box which was a nice red ring around the edge of the pool.  Avoiding the swirlies on the ground reminded me a bit of cyclone dodging.  I can see poor Faith having fun with those...

Also yucky sha puddles on the ground - no standing in those!  As soon as they appear under your feet, move away.  They seem to come every 7-10 seconds - it probably wasn't that often but you know annoying it is having to move all the time LOL!

When the boss reaches 0, it explodes and all the blobs come out, and there are healing ones and DPS ones. The ones you heal are friendly, but the DPS ones are hostile, and those ones can be rooted by me with mass roots.  However, I spent most of my time chasing blobs around trying to figure out what the best way to heal them was and a Nature's Swiftness with regrowth or healing touch seemed to get it nice and slow and then I could heal it up.  The other ones you DPS down.  The fun thing from healing them is you get a buff if you're within 12 yards which gives you 25% of your mana pool back, as well as a healing buff for a number of seconds - which you need to heal everyone up as all those blobs that didn't get healed up or smacked down reached the pool and blew up, causing massive damage to the raid.

The tanks took a go or two to sort out their taunts and the rest of us had to stop standing in bad and we had the boss that always wipes us (ie the instance and server reset bosses) in the middle of raid - the attempt we were trying was actually very good and we might have gotten it down that time if the instance hadn't reset!

Anyway, we came back after our brief intermission, with Bish dawdling getting addons and a drink of tea such that I had to ring him and I may have accidentally said a bad word which I apologised for.  I'll blame that on raid excitement and let's GO GO GO!

So just before the end of raid we got it down, yay!  Silly Navi forgot to turn master looter back on and so my loot tracking for EPGP was all stuffed up.  But both items of loot were taken - Bracers of Sordid Sleep which was given to Kyxyn (that's Luxy's new name for Xynzelle who is now main switching to his paladin Kyjenn) and Seal of Eternal Sorrow which was rolled off by Lush and I since we both had the same Priority according to my newly set up EPGP.  Lucky me won!  Then I proceeded to demonstrate my noob GMness by trying to manually enter the GP and charging myself double for the ring.  Someone remind me to turn on master looter next time!

Yay Frostwolves on our first kill!  I admit, i was put off at the start of raid when a friend from another server whispered me with "How's raid?"
"We just started," I replied.
"We just one shot the first 3 bosses!"
Of course I was happy for him.  I hope he wasn't about to start rubbing it in.  "Grats!" I said, though inside I did feel irritated.  "We're not as pro as you guys LOL!"

But as I keep reminding myself, it doesn't matter what other people do.  We're having fun in our raids, learning, laughing at our mistakes (well, some laugh more than others, and some make mistakes more than others) and I'm looking forward to the Council type fight tomorrow.

Postnotes: The things I had difficulty with were trying to see our tiny tank Kyjenn because I was zoomed out totally and I just wanted to be near him but not on top of him so I wouldn't get blasted.  The second, was trying to get my Wild mushroom to work properly. It's cool that you can put it on a target, but it's damn annoying with the target going all over the place.  There were a number of times I popped it when KyXyn's health was low only to find he had wandered away from it... grrr! A 1 million heal wasted!  Man those mushrooms are OP!  Tree form was good for the later phases when a few blobs came out that needed healing - Lush was pretty good with his, I was a bit pathetic but I did get two once!  I couldn't seem to get the mushroom on the blob, but Lush said he put it on himself and popped it when he was standing next to blobs and that seemed to work.


  1. Grats!!!

    We got him down last night too!

    Don't feel too bad about that other raider. I had someone on my bnet list who is a heroic raider going on about all the kills they got. All I wanted to say was "well duh you're decked out in heroic gear in a normal raid!" but I was good.

    1. Same, I'm pleased for them, and I don't think he was trying to be snarky but sometimes it's annoying - especially when I asked him how do you do the fight and he said "I don't know I just went around hitting everything" LOL! Grats to you guys too!

  2. OMG! That's a big scary blue thing! Seeing him in person might give me nightmares. Grats!

    1. Thanks! Hey, if you just imagine that there's a big plug in the bottom of that shallow pool just think about pulling it out and he'll go glug glug glug down the drain.... :D

  3. Grats on the kill and wow what a really nice ring :)Silly boss only offered up plate and mail for us. I think he didn't see me dancing behind him hoping for a nice druidy drop :)

  4. Grats. Looking forward to stepping in there.

    1. Won't be long! Only a week till LFR is out.

  5. Grats on the run...sounds like my type of raid! LOL...still miss elevators =P

    1. LOL! I shall take lifegrip so i can rescue you!

  6. Gratz! That blue thing is pretty intimidating! Atleast half of my real-ID / battle-tag friends were in SoO last night, I think most of them were about as successful as you guys - one shotting the first three bosses is insane!


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