Raiding - Norushen DPS test passed phew!

We were one over for raid so Sabre sat out.  That's a bum!  Poor Sabre, I shall make it up to him somehow!

Raked turned up and so we had KyXyn and Raked tanking - Asys was playing his alts but available to raid. Lush and Taloski were my healers and we had both locks, Souglyy, Moo and Luxy.  Moo was sick so he didn't go to class which was great, because then he could raid.

I had a few stuff ups last night, so I'm glad we still managed to kill things despite my noobishness.  On Immerseus I usually displacer beast through the spray so I don't get hit, but obviously my angling was a bit off - I displacered directly INTO the boss.  Splat.  But after one wipe, we got it down and Raked walked off with Hood of Blackened Tears and Taloski got Seal of Eternal Sorrow.  Lush rolled himself the same ring so all healers there now had it.

Trash dropped another leather item for Raked, and he got Siid's Silent Stranglers again (the same thing dropped in Flex).

Then we did Council and my stuff up there was that I forgot to assign dispels. We also forget to ask Souglyy to get her attack speed pet out. So we wiped it up and did it again and it all went good this time, and Luxy got Sabatons of Defilement.  Raked managed to roll himself some new shoes - Stonetoe's Tormented Treads.

Then onto Norushen. I wasn't feeling very confident!  Lush had been doing a little bit of DPS, but when Souglyy told me that Gutsy said healers should be doing some DPS, I told him to do some proper DPS and he tried to DPS at the beginning.  Ideally it would be after he was cleansed but he probably would need to help out with healing a bit by then. After a few 4% wipes, on our last attempt of the night we managed to get it down but it was SOOOO messy!

More agility leather dropped! Raked got Robes of the Blackened Watcher and boy has he been kitted out now!  Grats Frostwolves!

I guess now we have to work on the 4th boss (Sha of Pride...boy is healing going to be stressful then!).  Tal has upped his healing and Lush just got 2 upgrades so hopefully we will have a good night - though maybe Bish will turn up!


  1. Grats!!

    The best we did on him last night was 44%

  2. Thanks! I am sure you guys will brute force it SR style soon enough :) It really is a DPS check unfortunately...


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