Raiding - Muddling our way through the Sha of Pride.

We've seen the Sha of Pride on Flex and LFR, and we wondered how that would translate into normal raid. It turns out it's not that different, just hits a little harder in certain places.

Collecting pride is bad, and taking damage from stuff gives you pride, so that's bad.  So the whole fight was about not getting hit by bad stuff so YOU don't turn into a bad prideful little Sha.  It sorta isn't that bad turning into the prideful Sha because when the raid wipes, you're the only one who doesn't get a repair bill at the end, as Raked found out a few times.

So, first we had to make sure we didn't stand in the big black purple holes.  Yeah, I failed at that on the first pull.  Nice one, Navi.  Aza repeatedly told us NOT TO STAND IN BLACK HOLES.

We also had to let people out of their prisons quickly.  People get trapped on either side of the room in the prisons, so the tanks do one and everyone on the other side does the other.  They take a lot of damage in those prisons.  Moo's turn here - he repeatedly told us TO RUN FASTER TO THE PRISONS.

The other thing was the Mark of Arrogance.  I didn't realise what it was at first, as it never showed up on healbot for dispelling and people died to it ticking for a lot.  Once that was pointed out, I added it manually to healbot, and we were happily dispelling before we realised that every single dispel we did loaded us up with 5 Pride. Which was why healing was easy because nobody really takes any damage except when there are Bursts of Pride which do a big damage which needs topping up and the adds in the later stage when it goes crazy and people go splat. What you're SUPPOSED to do, is have the healer who has a buff called Gift of the Titans, which makes you immune to gaining pride.  So they are the ones dispelling BUT dispels are on a cooldown so while you're waiting for the cd to be up, you have to heal the other people with the Mark of Arrogance (which ticks for a lot!) until they can be dispelled.   Annoying especially if those people get stuck in prisons!  After that, healing started to become a bit more intense, though not stressful until the end.

One thing I couldn't seem to get see was my Projection.  When your pride is high, your projection spawns not far from you and you have to run to it.  It has an arrow on its head.  I couldn't see mine and I am sure I caused lots of raid damage because of my projection out there somewhere.  The next time I do this fight, I will look out for it specifically.

There's an add at the back of the room, Manifestation of Pride, that pops up every now and then, but it's not very exciting.  If the DPS interrupt it enough, it doesn't do much damage and it didn't need to be tanked.

As we hit 30% the boss clears all Pride so by then the healers started dispelling all Marks knowing our pride would be cleared.  Then the healing gets intense.

No more Marks go out but a ton of adds do and everyone starts stacking pride A LOT.  This is the DPS bit because pride starts going up HEAPS and if you don't kill the Sha fast enough, people get overcome and become annoying (RAKED!!!).

Raked made the comment that the fight was pretty boring from the tank end, all the action was happening down at the other end, where we were all stacked up.  KyXyn died twice to what we thought was Burst of Pride but it might have been from a projection, but after 2 deaths to whatever it was, it didn't happen again.  I guess that wasn't exciting enough for them :P

Taloski kicked our asses on healing in his undergeared state, even Efflorescence wasn't enough to overcome that awesome AoE paladin holy goodness.  My healing looked a bit pathetic, but I was pleased that all 3 healers did reasonably well (Lush's efflo healed for way more than mine!  Damned crit chicken gear!)

Raked had to go at 10pm, so we were lucky we managed to kill it just after 10, so with only 1 hour and 15 minutes of raiding we had a new boss kill!

Tanks: Kyjenn, Raked ~ DPS: Souglyy, Luxy, Aza, Sev, Moo ~ Heals: Navi, Lush, Tal
Lush got the Tier chest and Moo got Greaves of Sublime Superiority.  It was an awesome finish to the night - first wing cleared!  Here we are sitting around Gorehowl - there really isn't anything to take a picture with.  Grats Frostwolves!


  1. That fight might be the only good fight in SoO for Elemental Shaman!

    1. I totally forgot to talk about your increased survivability because of your shield!

    2. LOL! It's probably not a surprise to anyone :P Some people were like 'WHY ARE YOU USING A STAFF, SILLY WOMAN!'

    3. But it was awesome DPS for a while! :D

  2. Last time I sit between two Taurens for a screenshot


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