Raiding: Monday - A New Tank, A New Hope?

Moo has to attend some course for a month on Mondays and Wednesdays and that REALLY would have killed raiding had Xynzelle not decided that it was time for a mainswitch and he pulled out his paladin to tank. He's been trying hard to level it for 5.4 and is thinking of making it his main so we could get a break from this no tank business, and let Moo get back to what he enjoys - DPSing.

Roshii came tonight and wow did he make a huge difference on DPS!  With bloodlust we were transitioning before the 4th platform and while people might say hey that's good, it wasn't good for us as we are still getting used to the encounter and it mucked up our routine!  So we did away with lust and just did it as normal.

Xyn had a steep learning curve but he did well.  He wasn't TOO hard to heal, and it took him a few goes to get the hang of decapitate but we got there eventually.   We even managed to make the transitions a few times but the tanks hadn't gotten used to the next bit yet, but we're moving there, slowly.  It was good progress for Xyn's first time tanking it, so I was pleased.

We've got an arrangement going for healing, which is great.  Taloski is only available to raid on Thursdays, which also happens to be the day Bish is working so he can't come that day.  Unfortunately for Lush it means that he has to heal for a while yet till we get a replacement but I think he's coping ok with that.

For a change, I was in the green corner with Luxy and Roshii, so I had an easier time with healing.  I still had some mistakes but nothing that I can't improve upon!

It's a new week next week, and I think we shall extend again so we can work on this thing.  Poor Sabre had to sit out but I promised him he could have a spot on Wednesday.  Oh my gosh, one more week to kill this thing and work out our positioning and everything.  I hope we get it.


  1. I hope you can get him. Good luck this week. I'm hoping my lucky two-shots will rub off on you guys.

    1. Me too. If we just have some consistency this week.... it will be great. And a great way to finish off the patch.


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