Raiding - Guild LFR Saturday, Flex on Sunday and what should we do on Monday?

We decided to have a small guild group go into LFR for comfort and safety in numbers and Saturday seemed to be the only day that people could get together.  Kyjenn, Lushnek, Moopie, McTacky, myself, Asys, Lacrox and Sev set off to do LFR and I think it went rather well - Frostwolves provided 5 of the healers for that raid!  We had a funny moment on The Fallen Protectors because the only people left standing at the end of that raid were Frostwolves + one other person.  I wish I'd taken a pic of that!  At least we got the first wing cleared.  Silly me won a kitty ring on the first boss because I forgot to change my loot spec.

Flex raid on Sunday went well, I thought!  We had a smaller group (I wondered where everyone went - a lot of people who turned up the previous week didn't come) and that actually made it a bit easier for Norushen. Zeirah also asked if she could come and I was delighted!  She had experience doing all the bosses on normal, so having her around to ask questions and strats for was awesome.  We eventually got the first wing down (when everyone stopped standing in the bad for Sha of Pride!), and only got to have a little peek at the second before we had to go.  Zeirah asked if she could come again next week - and I was thrilled!  Her healing is so much better than mine, I was inspired to try more Soul of the Forest after that.  I was pleased to get a Tier chest piece!

Raid on Monday had us stuck on Norushen though, with the DPS check holding us back.  It reminded me of Ultraxion, back in Dragon Soul days.  Voros came along because we didn't have the numbers, but Moo managed to come on early and he logged in and Voros stepped out.  We weren't that close, and wiped at our best attempt with 6% or something left, so it seems we still have a bit of a ways to go in terms of DPS. Asys tanked with Kyxyn (I think Raked fell asleep again!) and Sabre was at work, and Bish wasn't around, nor was Lacrox.  Taloski stepped in to heal and Lush healed with me as well.

I think that it's probably in our best interest to do more Flex on Monday - since we're at a DPS block we might as well!  What does that mean for those who had completed flex already - will they want to turn up and raid or would they just sit out because they had already done it?  Perhaps I should encourage people to turn up for guild flex by awarding EP for it... but I'd have to think about that - do I really need more guild admin work? Certainly not!


  1. I loved that you guys were happy to have me come in, it was really fun :).I'm hearing you on SoTF, I love that talent and have got into the habit of doing a Wild Growth as soon as I've hit Swiftmend and knowing WG tick's are seriously buffed is great. I've identified a few fights that Incarnation is good for but I'm in denial and don't like changing that talent out if I don't have to.

    1. I am hoping you keep coming :) It's awesome finally getting to play with your main!

  2. Unless you are gonna expand your current progression raiding team, even if they are reserves, I wouldn't bother dishing out EP for flex raids.
    I didn't realize there was a flex raid on, however as I've been sneakily playing FFVIX, I've not done the time to have a chance to upgrade my gear and felt it wouldn't be fair to other raiders for flex, if I turned up!

    1. We were looking for you on Sunday Faith! Just come along for the first 2 bosses, so at least you get to hang for a while - unfortunately the 3rd boss is still kinda hard when not geared well, so might have to sit for that one but at least you could get some upgrades from the first 2 :)


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