Raiding - Felling the Fallen Protectors

After doing the fights on Flex, I think we felt a bit more confident in what we were doing and we came back on Monday night to try our hand at the Fallen protectors again.

I was late, so Lush was sorting out the EPGP.  Still learning the whole thing, and I just realised that I haven't been putting a decay on it.  Maybe I'll start the decay next week.  Bish sat out so Lush, Taloski and myself were healing.  Asys decided to take a bit of a break from main tanking and let Raked play, so Raked and Kyxyn were tanking, with our two locks (Az and Sev), 2 hunters (Souglyy and Sabre) and Luxy DPSing.

Luxy is not happy with Ele at the moment.  She says her damage is so much worse after patch, that she was even considering going resto - it must be pretty bad! :(

So we did our usual dispel split again - I did Luxy and myself and Raked, Lush did the hunters and Tal did the warlocks.  We still missed a few dispels here and there, but it was better than Thursday.  However, we continued to die to a few simple things, and Kyxyn put on his stern teacher voice, saying we had to stop making stupid mistakes.  I bristled a little, but Luxy said he wasn't really that overbearing. Aza told everyone they had to do more DPS - his DPS is crazy insane at the moment!  So we all tried to call out who had the Inferno Strike because people were dying to not stacking for it.

It took us 3/4 of the raid to get it down, and once the last Desperate Measures was over, I was pleased, and could breathe a sigh of relief, though damage was still heavy.  At least I had SOME mana!  We managed to get it down WITHOUT stuffing it up (unlike our Flex attempt) and we got a kill!

We did have some discussion at 10pm about whether we should go do Flex first and Kyxyn was adamant we continue otherwise we'd lose all the ground we'd made and also lose the practice on what we had learned.  I hate to admit it, but he was right, in the end.  He's such a tyrant :P

Warforged Shoulder Pads of Dou Dou Chong dropped which Az passed to Sev, as well as Sorrowpath Signet that Kyxyn took for offspec.

With half an hour left of raid we went and hit it up in Flex, and tried Norushen.  We didn't have DPS soaking the crystals this time - the healers did that when we could see it - and the adds seemed to go down smoothly and with less DPS to call, it was heaps easier.

Everyone talked about how the spheres are marked for healer/DPS/tank, but I swear every ball I saw was marked healer.  I guess it just means we all see the ball for our own spec for the other zone.  I didn't realise that until last night.

Our first attempt was close with a 4% wipe and we got it not long after that, with one last attempt that started just after raid time was up.  Souglyy graciously stayed up for one last attempt and we were glad we did!  Sev managed to get flex shoulders LOL.  I'm not sure whether anyone else got any loot.

So it was a good night.  However, I can see that our DPS has a ways to go before we can get Norushen down.  I think we'll just stick to the same plan and do normals on Wed/Thurs, Flex on Sunday for the guild, and it will PROBABLY be Flex again on Monday for the raiders and subs.  We'll see how it goes, but for a first week, I'm pretty pleased with how we went.  Well done Frostwolves!


  1. Yay us!

    Sad Shaman is sad. I think I will respec my offspec tomorrow and heal my LFR's for practice.


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