Raiding - Falling to the Fallen Protectors

Restarts again plagued our raid with yet another restart scheduled for the middle of our raid, which did nothing to improve my mood.  However, I did have one small highlight during the day - the friend of mine who told me they one shot all the bosses somehow failed to mention to me that it was on Flex raiding.  Now I don't feel so bad.

We had twelve people turn up to raid, so Lac and Luxy sat out, leaving both hunters (Souglyy and Sabrehawk), both warlocks (Aza and Sev), and Moopie as our DPS, Bish/Lush/Navi healing, and Kyxyn/Asys tanking.

The Fallen Protectors are the Golden Lotus quest givers who were destroyed by the blast that turned the Vale into the Sha ridden wasteland it is now.  They are a real cheerful bunch, manifesting spirits of Sorrow, Gloom, Misery, Anguish, Despair and Desperation.  It made me wonder if their negativity made me feel a bit bleh after yesterday's raid.

The fight reminds me of the Tiger boss in Zul'Gurub, where all of them have to go down together.  With these three protectors, they have special abilities at 66% and 33% (Desperate measures) and you only want to get them to those levels one at a time or it would be damn hectic.

From a healing point of view, the two tanks take Rook and He, and the caster, Sun isn't tanked but goes around casting nasty shadow spells all the time.  The rook tank takes more damage, and we had Kyxyn on that one, and Asys was on He.  Asys didn't require much healing but Ky was taking a fair ton of damage.  It was dispels where healers need to be vigilant and the constant dispelling was a heavy drain on mana.

I thought it would be ok for Bish to do all the dispels since his dispels are cheaper but we found that 2 Shadow Word: Bane were cast on the raid, meaning 2 of us had to do it.  Then there was confusion over who was dispelling whom, so I tried to simplify it with all healers responsible for dispelling themselves, Bish dispelling the warlocks, Lushnek the hunters (Ky didn't need much dispelling), and I do myself, Moo and Asys, and I would help if 2 within the same group needed dispelling.

We did ok in the first half of the night, but after the reset things started to get a little unravelled.  When He was getting to his 66% he put out a Mark of Anguish, which targets a player and they get rooted to the spot while a spirit of Anguish attacks them.  A button appears which allows the player to target another friendly player and pass the Anguish onto them - how friendly LOL!!  Here, have some Anguish :)  From here started a HUGE debate/discussion about who should be taking the Anguish.  The Mark leaves a debuff on the target, reducing armour by 50%.  I had read that you don't give it to tanks, however the tanks were wondering if they should take it.  It was decided that NO, we will give it to the warlocks first because tanks with an armour debuff is bad.  But the discussion went on way longer than required, and I think some people got a bit agitated about it.

So we talked about a few other mechanics during the reset and back we came after the servers came up, but as usual, in the later part of the night, things went horrible again. We did worse than we did before, and healing was part of the problem.  I was a little glad when the raid ended because frustration was palpable and it's probably better to quit while we're... well, ahead of sorts.

Sunday is going to be exciting with our first guild Flex raid, where things will be much more relaxed yet allow our casual players and wannabe raiders the opportunity to raid with the raiding team.  Also, it will give us the opportunity to learn the fights on an easy level.  I can't wait, and we should have a reasonable turnout, so I'm hoping for some inspiration for material for The Faily Frostwolf - I can't just keep writing about Luxy and myself all the time!


  1. Give the debuff to the He tank, the loss of armor is not that bad. I was tanking He and had no issues staying alive.

  2. Yeah, we had an hourlong argument trying to give the mark to anybody but the tank, and ended up just letting the tank take it and we oneshot it at that point.


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