Raiding - Aww! No feat of strength for Frostwolves this patch!

Sadly to say, we did not succeed tonight.  However, on the upside, the raiding was MUCH better tonight, with very few stupid mistakes.

It wasn't starting well.  We had only 9 people on to raid.  I was pulling my hair out.  What do I do?  We can't NOT raid on the last raid night of 5.3!

I rang Roshii, he was about to go to work.  Moopie sent me a whisper on mobile armory as he was in an evening class (that sucks up his Monday and Wednesday raiding days for the next few weeks) asking how raid was.  Sabre was missing - I sent him an email, but maybe I should consider getting his number.

I had seen some DPS wanting to pug ToT and Aza had said No NO NO!  Lac said he would like to come and so we invited him to come along to make our 10 - poor Lac had only just over 400k health and he had never done Lei Shen on LFR.  However, he did brilliantly and died only repeatedly to one thing - Lightning Whip.  After 3 or 4 of those deaths he stopped dying.  Secretly, I think he likes being whipped.

Asys had one silly moment where he was punted to the wrong pillar and even he didn't realise it.  He was cute yesterday too - he finally decided to use displacer beast and he quite likes it.  Who doesn't love displace beast? :D

Transitions were a lot smoother and I was happy because I was doing so much better in my corner than yesterday.  Lac did well but I did put him with Sev and Souglyy who should be able to take static shocks on their own and can do all the running around and Lac can just stand around healing.  Oh, he also could take his own static with bubble, which was handy.

We had a few attempts when we got to the final phase and we EVEN had everyone up!  But we just could not burn through it nor heal through the damage and we didn't get any attempts as close as we did the previous nights.

I'm surprised that I'm not more upset about not killing Lei Shen.  In fact, I'm not upset at all!  Just a bit disappointed.  I'm glad that the raid finished off the way it did tonight rather than last night - last night I was feeling bloody awful, self deprecating and grumpy at myself.  Whatever the reason I'm chirpy, I'm happy that I am feeling OK about it all, and have just accepted not having killed it.  Wednesday will be a nice new start with new bosses to kill, and it will be fun, and Flex on Sunday will be awesome, I'm so looking forward to it and being able to play with EVERYONE in Frostwolves, like in the old days!

I'm also pleased that we have reserves for normal raids - Lac is happy to heal, though he still needs gear, and Voros is happy to DPS if needed.

As was our usual routine after raid to wind down, we went out to kill Warbringers.  And Xyn the disbeliever was happy to finally see a mount drop!  It was after Luxy went to bed, and Voros was going to let Xyn have it but Xyn said they should both roll on it and Voros won it.  Now we just need to get Xyn one... though come patch, I don't know how much time we'll have for Warbringer fun anymore!  I'm really pleased that Voros is settling in as Horde, and another Labyrinth of Lost Souls guildie of his, Evea, has joined us as well.  I giggle thinking that I still think of them all as "Glow's friends" even though she doesn't play WoW anymore.

Bring it on Patch 5.4!  We can't wait to meet you head on!


  1. Grats on your progress this tier! My guild was also going for our first (heroic) Lei Shen kill last night and we just couldn't clinch the kill. However, I'm not nearly as discouraged as I thought I'd be, because we did really well this tier. It sounds like your raid did too. Focus on the good stuff :)

    Good luck in Siege!

    1. Thanks Jas! I am happy that I am not feeling glum about it like the other day - I think because we performed well overall I feel happy about how we went. I just read your post - and I like the uptone you have to your post despite not getting the kill. I think I was pleased overall because as a team we played well and there was no anger or blaming, we were all just happy to play and raid.

  2. Dang, sorry you guys couldn't get Lei Shen down before patch =(
    Hopefully, you'll have better success in Siege =)

    1. Thanks Arv :) Will we see you on Sunday for flex? :D

  3. Aw, that's a shame you guys didn't get to get him down. I was in the same boat actually.. my guild got the kill a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't there, but when we had a chance to get him down again on Sunday we had all sorts of random problems and only got to spend about 1.5 hours wiping :( Ah well, bring on Orgrimmar! Best of luck to the Frostwolves in 5.4!

    1. Thanks Ang! It's a bum you missed out too, and it's so annoying when you know it can be done but it's JUST out of reach! But here we are, it's the weekend and I've forgotten all about it :)


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