PvP: Not my night for arenas....

So I was wrong and arena didn't end when I thought it would - arena season ends with patch!  So the date I thought it was, was NOT it, because that was the date the patch was thought to come out before they pushed it back.

The boys got to 1800 in 2s last night - wooo!  I am still too scared to play with them in 2s because I don't want to stuff up the team rating!  But that is a pretty awesome effort and it's great they're doing so well!  I wanted to do some 2s today but Sev told me not to because Shab wanted to look at the nice team rating for a little bit.  LOL, I can understand that!

3s didn't go so well.  There weren't that many teams playing and we were being farmed by one team and we were farming the other, but we were losing more points than we were gaining. Ugh.  So we quit and went to BGs afterwards and had a good Strand and Temple and Arathi Basin.

Had a good game early in the week with Sev in 2s.  It was us versus a disc priest and an enhance shaman and it was a LOONG match.  A few hairy moments but thank goodness for portal!  We had 3 minutes to go before time was up and we managed to kill the priest and the shaman went down soon after.  My neck was sore after that from being hunched over the keyboard, and Sev was feeling the strain as well.  But those are always awesome wins, and I wonder if they will be all gone with the changes that are coming to arena in 5.4.
For Arena matches lasting longer than 15 minutes, one of the teams will receive a buff called "The Crowd Chose You" that increases damage, critical strike chance, stealth detection, and reduces damage taken. The buff is awarded based on the following criteria.
- Team with the largest number of players alive.- Team that brought an enemy player closest to death (lowest health).
That could work for or against us.  Tricky.

As patch approaches even battleground queues are slow.  Had some great games and some lousy games - I have been trying to get the achievement What is Best in Life? in Temple of Kotmogu but I really hate carrying the orb as a healer.  Tried it as tank for a bit with Aza in the battleground and though I lived longer, Aza thought I would do better as a healer.  I haven't found that to be the case so far, so I thought ok, I'll give it a try again, and I did a game with Sev.

Ummm... no.  I lived for a grand total of 10 seconds against a rogue.  But Sev encouraged me to keep trying and for some reason the people in the battleground were playing like idiots and not running for orbs so I managed to snag a few.  I think then I might be a little more aggressive with orb snatching and keep going with that achievement chasing.

Only a few days till patch.  That is all that seems to occupy my mind these days.