Mounts galore and those poor little Warbringers

Aza managed to score a Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent on the Isle today, so I'm wondering if the drop is as rare as they say.  Voros told us a theory that someone had put out on reddit - that somehow there is some sort of internal monitor for drops, with the probability of loot dropping decreasing the more rares you kill.  So if you want to get your Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent, make it your first kill of the day because it's a high probability then!

Blingtron was kind to me this week and I got a mechanohog from my Bling Box.  I already have one, so I chose 3 of my good friends and did a /roll 1-3 and it went to Xyn.

My usual post raid routine is to go around with Xyn, Luxy and Voros killing Warbringers, and this week must be my lucky week because I managed to score the last Direhorn ("Ugly Jade" is Luxy and my nickname for it) and Xyn kindly let me have it. Now my collection is complete!  Now just got to get Xyn one... and Tacky if he comes farming!

When Voros got his one I insisted that he have a photo taken to remember it. I do think Direhorns are very cool looking mounts :)

I'm rather enjoying my late evenings. I guess once arena is back in full swing the Direhorns are safe from me - I'll be back to supporting my damage dealing partners while we get our kicks from PvP.


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