Minipost: Monday pic - What IS this? Dino Romeo and Juliet?

Why are these skeletons here in the Ruins Rise, in North West Vale of Eternal blossoms?  These huge dragon headed skellies have roses around them and they have a skull of a demon in their mouths.  I went to look it up and found lots of people wondering the same thing but as yet, I can't see what they are a reference to.


  1. It's a stretch, but there's an American novel Where the Red Fern Grows about dogs that end up in a similar situation (I think it's a bear, not a demon, and ferns, not roses), but that's my best guess. Neat find!

    1. One day someone will tell me... maybe I can ask a Dev at Blizzcon!

  2. Quillan Skeletons Perhaps


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