Challenge Mode Noobs - Silvering the Setting Sun

I've had a bit of a dry spell when it comes to Challenge modes lately - 3 weeks ago I was away for the weekend with the family at the snow; the week after that I fell asleep (and nobody woke me up!), and so this week I was determined to get one in.

However, Arvash had to go do something with his car and couldn't get home in time to do Challenge Modes, and it was getting past 11pm.  Luxy, Lush and I wanted to do something, but Lush was getting tired after moving house that day and was longing for a sleep.  However, the guild dictator said that he had to do one before bedtime, so we tried to scrounge around for someone to do it with.

But which one to do? Luxy was tired too (and she was in the  middle of an exercise regime), so she said we had to do something short.  She said Gate of the Setting Sun.  The last time we did Gate, we died heaps of times to the mobs at the start of the instance!  I argued with her saying it wasn't quick, but she said that the medal timers were quick so we should give that a go.

I looked at the options in guild, and there weren't that many people who were free.  Sev suggested we asked Lacrox, but he was a healer and we needed a DPS because nobody was gonna steal my healing role!  So I ended up asking Voros, and he said he would come.

Luxy whispered me.  "Ummm... have you looked at his gear?"

"No?" I said.  "What's wrong with it?"

"He hasn't got any enchants or gems on any of his stuff...."

Oh.  Well, I would try to fix that quick smart.  When Voros arrived, I lamented his lack of shininess and immediately got to work on an enchant makeover.  I used some of my vast repository of mats, but put on some pretty crappy enchants for a DK, but at least he was enchanted.  Voros was a jewelcrafter so he quickly cut a meta and some other gems and filled in all his slots.  He also went back to the DK starting area to get something to put on his weapon, so I was saved from having to splurge on sha crystals for his weapon enchant.

Lush was going to tank on his monk, and I think he was interested in trying.  I was just prepping Voros on what challenge modes are like when we hit our next hiccup.

"Oh," said Lush when he failed to zone in.  "I haven't done Gate on heroic yet."

"Whaaaaaat?" I wailed.  "Oh well, at least it will be a quick heroic run.  Voros, remember, this is NOT how we do challenge modes."

We facerolled it and we all stood in bads and we finished it really quickly.  Voros was reminded what it was like not to pug with randoms.  Now we were ready for challenge mode!

I was expecting lots of wipes in the first bit whilst getting to the first boss and I told Voros that he would die if he stood in bombs BUT we managed to do it VERY well!  Voros only died once and was rezzed and we continued.  I was surprised. Luxy was still standing!  What alternate reality was this??

Suddenly, the warning for a server reset came on.  We hurried to the second boss, Striker Ga'dok, and headed up, but somehow Luxy wasn't on the lift.  A few seconds to go and Sev decided to be funny and pull the boss and wipe us at reset.  Damn you Sev!  Even Luxy was in combat, and she was so far away!

We were in the middle of the silver timer too, but fortunately it was a very quick restart, servers were up in less than 10 minutes.  When we logged back in, our challenge mode timer was still going and we had heaps of time left!

I was not looking forward to doing Striker Ga'dok because we seem to run all over the damn place instead of following the tank.  However, we got it down perfectly, I was fast enough on healing the picked up person and we killed it in record time.

On the way to the third boss we wiped on the trash (on those big guys who have an enrage I can dispel), but it wasn't that bad a fight really, the third boss Commander Ri'mok.  Then it was on to the last boss.

Voros took the fatal first step and hit the ground with his face and died.  Such a first timer!  Sev and Luxy went up to crack his Raigonn's head open and Lush, Voros and I ran around on the ground.  Once they cracked his shell they burned it down so quickly that the boys managed to get a bronze! I thought that was pretty cool considering there was a server reset (but no instance reset) in the middle of it.  I thought Lush was going to go to bed, but Sev seemed surprisingly keen to try again, so off we went to go for Silver.

It was pretty smooth, except we nearly wiped on trash at the start but Luxy managed to stay alive and we zoned in to kill it (I know I know, Luxy alive?  Who is playing Luxy?) and we breezed through the instance. I did have an anxious moment when we went to Raigonn again and Voros repeated his faceplant and died jumping down /facepalm.  I quickly rezzed him and then off we went, trying to make silver.  We just managed to scrape in a silver with 17 seconds left on the timer. Now THAT was pretty cool!

Our first full Frostwolves medal.  I told Lush that his tanking was pretty awesome!  And now at least we've caught up to Arv - 2 more silvers till our mount now!


  1. OMG! Did it really look that bad when I asked if you had seen his gear?! /embarrassed!

    It was super fun! Seemed like ages since our last CM night.

    1. Hey we got a silver! And I am sure voros knows we don't think he's a noob. But at least we are laughing at someone else now instead of you lux!

  2. I feel like such a noob after reading that! In my defence, I had willfully ignored my gear as it is rubbish and I wasn't raiding. :P

    Still we did well to get a silver - now for the rest!

    Also, those glowing eyes in that screen shot, they stare into your soul.......

    1. We were thrilled that you came! DKs are so cool! But it was fun to have someone ELSE to laugh at instead of Luxy all the time :) And I know you weren't raiding so I totally get not wanting to waste your gear but hey, now you're kinda ready to go (even if I did put mastery on your gloves)

  3. I've been replaced, lol! Lush can tank all the things now =P

    Seriously though, grats on the Silver guys! Two more left, go go go!

    1. Thanks! We had to catch up to you somehow!


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