Challenge Mode Noobs - Scarlet Monastery blues turn silver

Scarlet Monastery has been a thorn in our side for months.  With our group composition we had been unable to get down a time in silver, even if we had perfect execution of the patrol in the corridor just after the first boss.

That corridor holds a lot of memories of our noobishness
  • A shivarra charging off at our beautifully cc'd mobs to bring the non aggroed mobs from the end of the corridor.
  • "Who broke my cc!!"
  • "Who forgot to cc??"
  • "Sigh... reset it?"
  • Standing too close and pulling
We have had a consistent group for a while now. Arv, Luxy, myself, Lushnek, Sev and now Voros have kept our group consistent and fortunately they can all stay up past midnight, even till 1 am at times.  Sev had computer issues so we I sent Voros a tweet, and he got on about a minute or two later.  I thought he'd read my tweet, but he had actually been watching a movie and logged on after his movie.  He noticed the tweet about 15 minutes later.

Arv let Lush tank, and went ret (and then apologised for his DPS, which I didn't know was good or bad) and off we went. And in typical CMN fashion, we wiped on the corridor... even though we had managed to cc our mobs, Lush's chi burst pulled the back mobs.  Damn.  Off we went to reset.  Unfortunately Lush reset it as Arv was trying to get out and Arv got stuck on loading screen and was unable to login for a few minutes.

The next pull, Lush died on the first pack.  Whoops. Another reset.  This time Luxy ran in as Lush was resetting it and SHE couldn't login for a few minutes!

On our next attempt things went a little smoother.  There were a couple of deaths, which we battle rezzed but we were doing good for time.  We ran into the cathedral itself with seconds left on the gold timer, which meant we were doing good for time.  We even pulled two extra Scarlet Vindicators who were patrolling in the cathedral (that Lush thought was pulled by totems or my mushroom before he realised it was his Ox) and then we rushed through the adds and I was drinking every opportunity to try to get to full before we pulled Durand and High Inquisitor Whitemane.  Each time we missed a mind control I cringed - all of them could interrupt but on vent I could hear them all saying almost in unison "My interrupt is on cooldown!"  I even took Heart of the Wild to try to help DPS (though I couldn't really help as I was busy healing).  Thank goodness for Glyph of Efflorescence - I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

And we made it! Just under 90 seconds left on the timer!

Cheers went all round!  Voros hadn't done it as many times but he could see the pack was an issue, but for the rest of us... it was a huge relief.

"We never have to do this again!" said Luxy.
"Good riddance SM!" I said.
"But what about Gold?" said Voros.

There was a collective groan.  I don't even want to THINK about gold.  I don't think I"m skilled enough to be able to do it (I'd probably have to just DPS it and do the occasional heal or something).

Since we were on such a high, we thought we'd take a look at that OTHER monastery, the last one that Arv, Luxy and I needed to complete our silvers.  But we were a bit tired, and since we were melee heavy it was pretty unfriendly!  We actually didn't even finish the run as Lush was getting a bit spacey and tired so he had to log.  Luxy was relieved, because she was tired too, but she didn't want to be the one to look like the flake, so she was pleased that Lush spoke up first!

LOL, well, one to go!  I wonder how long we will be spending on THAT one - we never did find Shado-pan Monastery that easy!