Celestial Tournament: Triad 2 - Taren Zhu, Wrathion and Chen Stormstout

This week's Triad was different, so a whole new lot of teams to try out!  I had a lot of hit and miss attempts but eventually settled on some teams, which are not WONDERFUL, but they did the job.  I'll update them when I get to battle them again.

Pics borrowed from Tamer Liopleurodon as placemarkers since I forgot to take pics this week :(  Will fix that next time this triad pops up!

Taren Zhu

The team I used to beat Taren Zhu was
Darkmoon Rabbit: - Huge Sharp Teeth, Dodge, Burrow
Amber Moth: Slicing wind, Cocoon Strike, Moth Dust
Amethyst Spiderling: Poison Spit, Brittle Webbing, Leech life

Three Pandaren monks, are you kidding me?  And they're damned fast too!  The combo I found good for this was a double Jungle Grub

Jungle Grub: Consume, Sticky Goo, Burrow
Crawling Claw: Agony, Death Grip, Curse of Doom
Jungle Grub: Consume, Sticky Goo, Leap

Start with a burrow because the first attack by Yen will be a Comeback, then a Blackout Kick.  So I get hit by Comeback, miss the Blackout kick and then hit him when I come back up.  I use consume then the Goo and then consume until he is dead.  Li will be up next, and I switch to Crawling Claw.  I do a Curse of Doom then an Agony and then Death Grip Bolo in.  By then I can probably do one Agony or two before I die, and then I use the last Jungle Grub to finish off, because Li in the background will die from Agony and Curse of Doom.  I use alternating Leap and Consume to get Bolo down.

Lord of Lordaeron can be substituted for Crawling Claw.

Other combinations I've seen recommended (but haven't tried)
Yuuna: Unborn Val'kyr, Crawling Claw, Giant Bone Spider
Liopleurodon: Scourged Whelpling, Mr Grubbs, Restless Shadeling


The team I used to beat Wrathion was
Black Lamb: Chew, Comeback, Stampede
Kun Lai Runt: TakedownFrost shockDeep Freeze
Sporeling Sprout: Charge, Creeping Fungus, Crouch

Gotta love those names, right? I think they're great!  I ended up using my Black Lamb against Cindy who only just managed to live before I got my humanoids to take over on the other dragons.  Can't go wrong with Kun Lai Runt, really, though I think the Runt is best saved till last so that when I use Deep Freeze, the pet doesn't swap out.  And to tell you the truth, I used Sporeling Sprout because the poor guy doesn't get to see much pet battle action as I don't use him much!  At least he got to have a play here!

I've also used a rabbit instead of a Black Lamb with Stampede and Scratch with great success!

Other combinations I've seen recommended (but haven't tried)
Quintessence: Tree Frog, Feral Vermling, Peddlefeet
Yuuna: Scourged Whelpling x2
Liopleurodon: Any cricket, Anubisath Idol, Gregarious Grell

Chen Stormstout

The team I used to beat Chen
Imperial Moth: Slicing WindCocoon StrikeMoth Dust
Amethyst Spider: Poison SpitBrittle WebbingLeech life
Emperor Crab: Surge, Healing Wave, Whirlpool

It would probably be better using a mechanical, but I didn't have that many left in my arsenal as I have them saved up for the children of the celestials.  I used the moth because it was faster than Tonsa and I could try to avoid some of those headbutts, and maybe get a lucky Moth dust off.  Chirps has an annoying sleep, but if you can get your poison spit and Brittle Webbing off you should be ok.  My Emperor crab survived JUST, because Brewly does Inebriate which makes you miss.  So annoying when Whirlpool misses!

Other combinations I've seen recommended (but haven't tried)
Yuuna: Lil Bling, Stunted Direhorn, Aqua Strider
Liopleurodon: Clockwork Rocket Bot, Panther Cub, Eternal Strider
Cymre: Son of Animus, Stunted Direhorn, Sea Pony