Achievements, rares and pets last week

I've been so busy it's been hard to make a post about those achievements that come rolling in with new patch!

I forgot to take a picture of the Bronze Proving Grounds (Healer).  But I made it to silver!  I think I might need a little more spirit or regen for Gold... or at least some half decent mana efficiency!

Fortunately this wasn't too hard.  I did it with Lush before shutdown on Tuesday and I tried very hard not to cheat!  But I gave in and looked at hints to where the first one was.  I've put the solutions to the riddle here but made the pics really small so if you don't want to see, you can't! (Obviously, click on the pic for the big version)
First clue
Second Clue
Click everything!  At least this was easy.

I actually had difficulty finding enough moss covered treasure chests!  I found all the other ones, but yay, I got it eventually.  I did cheat - I looked at the map from MMO champion.

I needed help with this.  Lush took me around to pick up the things I needed and now I have even MORE useless junk in my bags that I didn't know that I needed!

Rare pandaren artifacts are lying around, but they're not a once off thing, you can find them more than once! I've found the same one twice now.  Hopefully will find one of the others soon!

The Isle is full of rares!  I don't like combat pics of rares, so trying to get a pic when nobody was in combat with it was REALLY hard!  These two were taken in combat but they're so huge that you can hardly see all those pesky players DPSing these rares!  Will get better pics one day!

The end bosses from the Golden Lotus dailies for the achievement One Many Army (which used to be random) have now become rares.

And I've only managed to get two new pets - both gifts!  Lil Bling from Luxy, and Azure crane chick from Souglyy.  I'm not very good at finding new pets - isn't it weird how the things you want never drop (pets) and things you don't really NEED drop (mounts).


  1. Grats on all those. You should have asked me for some locations, I would have taken you on a tour.

    1. I will ask for a mischief tour next time!

  2. with the Rolo's Riddle, did you catch the albatross highway to get to the spot for the last part? Or did you go out to where you get fatigued, change to a flying mount, fly up high, then towards to red lake and then after you get dismounted, use the momentum of flying forward to get to the top?


    1. I caught the albatross the first time but om subsequent times I flew in on a golden glider which you can buy from the little boy panda who sells kites. They are 1000 coins for 5 and are pretty cool for doing the fatigue fly in.


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