Wednesday raiding - Asys... really? LOL!

Poor Asys, it just wasn't his night.  Lucky he's give furry enough shoulders to bear the teasing - though I think he berated himself more than any of us berated him.  Ok ok, enough puns :D

Animus, I told Xyn, was a nice easy fight.  So WHY did we keep dying on it yesterday?

It started well.  Only 2 goes to get the trash down.  Phew.

New raid, new positions.  The little animas were staggered, so none of the side by side easy tank stuff.  Poor Asys has never been wonderful at positioning ones who were one up the stair and one down.  He started trying to tank a far one and a close one, which may have been part of the problem on that side.  They kept being side by side and smacking him in the face.  Ouch.  Even 2 healers couldn't help him.

So I moved him to my side, which was a little easier.  Moo died a couple of times too, probably because I hadn't healed him enough, I got distracted healing Xyn.  Xyn was tanking the mob with his water elemental and frostbolting it to heal it and that was going well most of the time.

Then I had issues with swaps.  Sometimes people were far away.  The font thing was killing people.  MOVE MOVE MOVE!  I was out of range of some people and couldn't dispel till late.  The interrupting jolt would whack people for six.  Asys ran out of the anima ring popping 2 bubbles.  OUCH.

Then there was the fun time where he went form 650k health to 290k health and was taking a wallop.  "WHAT IS WITH YOUR HEALTH!" I yelled at him.  "Did you forget to repair again?"


Oh dear, he did it again.  He forgot to repair and was all broken.  We couldn't do anything except laugh. Poor bear!  When we heard that Luxy put her repair bot down in the middle so he could maybe repair in the fight, but he didn't have time to do that.  So when we wiped and came back we had to carefully click as the repair bot was right underneath the big red ball and we didn't want to start the fight too early.  Luckily nobody did.

Just before interrupting jolt on our kill I decided to go tree and top everyone up as much as I could before the jolt and then tranq straight after.  That seemed to help.  So when it was dead... thank goodness.  Aza rolled and got a dagger.  I got one too.  But I have no offhand to go with it, so looks like more LFR for me.  I have a bad feeling that I've been DE'ing them.  At least both items were looted - Bish got Tier, and Moo got a helm. We didn't have much time for Iron Qon, but it was going well, so we will get that tonight.  I think Animus just made us tired.

Roshii made an appearance last night - yay he has game time!  And guess who else is back - that old Kiwi, Vaakis is back.  Social of course, but he already had toons on Saurfang so he's back with Frostwolves again.  Frostwolves is looking nice and full these days, and it makes me happy to see members always logged on at various times of the day.


  1. 3 more weeks of this patch left, right? Hope you guys can get Lei Shen down in time.

    Unfortunately I won't be back any time soon. Though my injury has gotten better somewhat my workload has also doubled & is only going to increase in the lead up to Christmas so no gaming for me :(

    1. Wait, so I'm stuck with guild leader a bit longer??


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