Tycertank's #WoWScreenshot a day (Day 31)

Day 31: Dangerous
Day 31 - Watch out Aza!  You might get burnt in that bread oven!  This tiny cute little Azadelta is lethal in PvP, and it is a very rare thing to find anyone who could beat Aza in a duel.  We would go to Barrens stuff, and there would be flagged Allies there, and Aza would come and flag, and everyone would just leave us alone!  Scary dangerous destro locks!
That concludes the month of screenshots!  Thanks everyone for looking at my pics, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I loved sharing them :)  Thanks to Tycertank for the opportunity to show off piccies (and for me to find new blogs) - it's great to find another Aussie blogger :)  The list is growing!


  1. Your a machine aza, but i know if i ever had the pleasure to duel you i would have won ;)


  2. This seems like a Hansel and Gretel moment. I hope no one gave that tiny little lock a push.

    1. SHe is made of fire, she would probably like it!


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