Tournament progress

Anyway, it usually cheers me up to do some arena after a raid that I was disappointed with, so off went Shab, Sev and I to Tournament to get our games up.  Unfortunately, the team that keeps killing us was there - resto shaman, destro lock and frost mage - and we just could not get on top of them.  They were very slick with their cc's and though we lost to them continuously, we only lost one point of rating each time because they were so far ahead of us in rating.

Sev was getting demoralised but I insisted we needed to get our games in because we wouldn't fit them in otherwise.  Shab got a whisper from their team's mage, asking us to keep queuing.  I wondered if he was being a troll but it didn't seem like it.  In fact he was very pleasant.  I even chatted to him myself.

The embarrassing thing he asked was if we were there for the 50 games.  I told Shab and we laughed with embarrassment - was he saying that we were playing so badly we looked like we were there for the pet?  I said that we were there for the title as we had done tournament last year and placed well, but we didn't do the 100 games for the title so we were back this year for it.  The mage gave me his battletag which didn't go through on Tourney realm - the realm is so buggy!

The mage also told me that just making a team on tournament realm will put you in the top 1000 teams so if we just play our games we would get the title.  REALLY???  Maybe everyone should get out there and play 100 games!

Shab asked me to ask them where their mains were from - and get this, they were from Saurfang and from Barthilas.  How weird!  I asked them which guild, as we were from Saurfang and the mage said he was from Skill Banner. Oh man, no wonder.  #1 guild on our server!  The mage kept asking us to queue - he even said we were battlers - and he apologised for farming us.  I don't know why Shab was unusually pleasant about it.  Usually he gets frustrated.  Probably because we really weren't losing much rating at all.

So a few more pet teams logged on which helped us get our games and rating up, and that pushed us along nicely.  Sev was distressed with us losing rating as we wouldn't be able to get our title but I said I'm sure we could just get along and farm some pet teams and get our rating back up again.  So we finished the night with rating more than 100 above what we were before.

This morning I was wondering what our rating would be like.  I was a bit sad thinking we wouldn't get into the top 1000 teams this year, after paying for it.  So off I went to look at the ladders.

When I looked at it, I couldn't find my team in the place I thought it would be.  So I searched for it.  And I was shocked.  So shocked I had to text Shab.

"Do you want to hear something funny"

He rang back straight away, as his work was quiet.

"What, what is it?" he asked me.
"Guess what our ranking is on tournament realm," I said.
"Oh," he sounded a bit crestfallen.  "Is it really bad?"
"Just guess," I said.
"Umm... about 500?"
"I thought that's where we would be too!  I was searching for us around there and we weren't there.  You will not believe this."
"NO!  Better!"
"What rank are we?"
"You won't believe this.  We're number 10."
Shab went to look at the computer.  I showed him where to find it.
"How is that possible?" he asked.
"I don't know!" I said.  "We had some tough teams there, where are they?"
"Wow, that's hilarious!"
"I know!  Maybe EVERYONE is pet farming?"

We looked for the team that was kicking our ass and they were at number 5.  Shab said excitedly that the mage in the 2nd rank team was Venruki, his hero!  Shab had checked Venruki's stream and he had an undead mage with that name on tournament so he was pretty chuffed about that.  I wonder what Shab would do if we ever had to fight that team in arena - he'd probably play like a total awestruck fanboy and make a ton of mistakes and then freak out that he was looking like a total idiot!

I think that the rankings only show those who got on that day.  I couldn't find Luxy's, Zeirah's or Arv's teams in there and I KNOW they have played heaps of games.   But, this is the first time ever I will see our team that high ranked, even if it's an error, it still is kinda cool :)


  1. I've been thinking too much about my teams not being on the ladder! I know I was rational before but now I am scared!

  2. Oh that is great, you guys are so high up the ladder. Ok going to show my ignorance here, bc I went over there soley for the pet, what title do you get for 100 games?

  3. Who would have thunk it! Still can't believe we're on the same page as Venruki's team, let alone 8 spots below him. Sure, there aren't alot of serious teams but hey, I'm not gonna complain.

  4. Hmmmm...maybe I should start getting serious with my team(s)...


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