Thursday raiding - Double is no Trouble

I watched the Twin Consorts video and it looked rather busy, and I was wondering about the drawing of the pictures when you get the Pandaren aspects to come and help you.  I was looking forward to raiding!

Raked got his account back.  Phew.  But Moo tanked up for raid tonight.

Poor Sev and Xyn had to sit out, but we had our full complement of healers and both hunters, Aza, Lushnek and Luxy DPSing.  And we started on the boss.

Sabre had done the drawings before, so he volunteered to do it.  All we had to do was spread out and... kill. And they fell over and died in our first go tonight.  Why are these easy bosses at the end?  Horridon would have been more difficult than that...

One of the main differences I noticed was the lotus things that send out super slow things that can hit you, which are easily avoided.  And when the tank has the Mist add, you can't heal him or you get a debuff.  I got that on me twice but it wasn't hard to heal (I had 2 stacks of it by accident not realising he had that add) but the other stuff was pretty easy to heal through.  I think Xuen was nice for the tidal force but I don't even know if we used it on that part, and mana was great throughout the fight maybe because Sabre had used the mana aspect.

Anyway, Lu'len despawned before we could get a pic!  Asys was bummed because he needed one more item of the legendary and it didn't drop.  Suen stayed there for ages, even when the raid was over.  We too a pic with her instead.  And yes, that is Disco.. naked again.  Lush got the tier helm, rounding out his 4 set, and Moo got the DPS trinket.

We had a few goes at Lei Shen and working out where everyone was going to stand.  We figured it out by the end - we had the two tanks at red, Lush/Souglyy/Navi at blue, Aza/Bish at purple, and Disco/Sabre/Luxy at green.  Poor Luxy was initially left out of the group because I had allocated her to purple but after I had typed green's group, Souglyy said Aza doesn't need anyone at purple, so I typed Az and Bish at purple and Luxy was left unwanted and unloved.

The tanks had to figure out how to swap their decaps and move quicker to get Lei Shen to the pillars, but it was a good night and everyone was happy.  OMG, one more to go and we've finished normal, yay!


  1. Why was it so easy?! It looks so confusing in the video...

    Too bad they didn't drop my shield and the coin gave me gold!

    1. Yeah coin gave me gold too poopy! Yeah the video looked confusing but it was so easy I don't know what to say lol! But hey here we are on Lei Shen woot!

  2. Great work once again :D

  3. Grats guys :) missing raiding with you all.


  4. Grats! As Luxy said - still twinsys(sp)

    And i see a naked belf in there +1. Need more of them in there! More belfs less beef! :P

    Yeah Lei Shin is not as bad for an end boss like other, but does not seem as annoying as Nefarion, Al'alkir (sp) or Ragnaros.

    To help with getting him to the pillar fast is to have the 2nd tank cheat out a bit to get him moving faster. (or cheat with a priest and lifegrip em!)


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