No Thursday raiding

Gosh, nine people with nowhere to go....

I was the only mainspec healer, and Raked was still sick.  Roshii couldn't come, Sev was unwell, so that left us one person short.  Goddamn it.

A small group of 5 decided to venture into LFR (I was on the quest for an offhand) and it actually was one of the smoothest LFRs I've done in ages.  Interestingly, there was only one tank for Twins, and we killed off Moon twin and so Sun twin was hitting like a goddamn truck.  The tank died 3 times and was rezzed each time but we killed it!  Then for Lei Shen we got another tank and we pulled it without even knowing where we were going, but everyone seemed on the ball and there was a last minute assignment and whoosh off we went.  Fastest, cleanest LFR I've had in a long time!

The most amazing thing I heard yesterday was Aza saying that we could extend next week... he was one of the strongest anti-extending people, but perhaps it was because he got a weapon, he's happy to do so now. That makes me happy and it means that next week I will extend the raid so we can kill Lei Shen before the patch hits.

2 new hunters joined the guild yesterday - one was a friend of Souglyy's and the other was Brae's main (Aurii's hubby) which has brought our number of mains to a whopping 47!

I heard virtual realms will not be implemented when 5.4 goes live, so I guess we have some time to go.

I'm off to take my kidlets to see snow today, so I may be quiet... but then again I may not!  Wonder if there is internet reception up there in the mountains? :)


  1. Aza sounded very chirpy...he must of got lucky:)

    1. Heh, who knows! But I was super pleased to hear him say that because... it's kill Lei Shen next week time!

  2. To go see snow? Plenty of that in Oh if you want some! :)

    1. What the hell is Oh, slice! I am no good with these US terms... oklahoma? ohio?


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