Monday raiding - Ironed-out Qon

It was a bad start to the raid night.  Aza said "Raked and Sabre aren't coming."  Great.  Well, we have Lush as backup tank I suppose.

Then Neri got on in guild.  "Umm, I have some bad news.  Disco is AWOL."

I had forgotten he was having one of his RPG days.  Apparently it's some sort of public holiday in the Territory.  But it wasn't just late home.  Neri had no idea where he was and he had left his phone at home. She said "If he's not out there dead somewhere... he may be when I'm done with him."  I might be paraphrasing that slightly, but you get the drift.

OK.  Well that meant no tanking for Lush.  I needed him to heal.

"Call it?" said Lush to me in a whisper.  "We can extend."

Moo offered to tank.  I eagerly jumped on that idea.  His tanking wasn't so bad now he was geared, and we did do Primordius with him last time.  Having Asys lead the tanking was the most worrying part :P since it was Raked doing all the talking last time.

"I can come," said Xyn.  Yay!  Mage food and buffs!  But OMG, another squishy in the raid, aside from Luxy.  Hopefully one of them can get bloodlust off before they die...

We had some good starts getting to phase 3 on our second go once we sorted out our sides properly.  A few more attempts after that and we were on Iron Qon, but squishy mage was dead.  We wiped at 28%.  I was pretty excited but I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to jinx it!  And by the end of the night, we had everyone alive, hitting up Iron Qon and I had mana, and it was a kill.  Woot!

Stole your pic Luxy, till I get home and stick mine on :)
So, that means definitely extending next week!  Grats to Moo on shoulders, and to Sev on the ring.  Good work Frostwolves!

Edit:  Don't forget to check out this week's comic at the Faily Frostwolf!  And any Frosties with a good idea for a comic don't hesitate to tell us! :D


  1. We did so well!

    Can't wait for next weeks raids!

    1. It will be an exciting week next week!

  2. Well done crew...sorry I wasn't able to make it


  3. Grats guys. I ran out of wow time should be back by Wednesday hopefully -Rosh

    1. Wondering Where you've been rosh...

  4. Disco has escaped certain death by taking the day off to look after a sick boy and a sick and sore me. It's hard to kill a man when he's tanking a four year old and bringing my food and coffee :P

    Grats on the kill!

    1. Smart boy that disco. .. Thanks neri!

  5. Grats guys, just 2 more to go :D


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