Monday raiding - Here we are again

Back at Lei Shen again!

Unfortunately we were one over last night, and I had to get Xyn to sit out.  We had our full complement of healers, but no Raked, so Lush got on his monk to tank.  With 2 warlocks in the raid, that whirlwind part is easy.  At least this time I had my head screwed on had healer cooldowns sorted for the last bit - but we didn't quite have enough (I had Bish bubble first Fist Smash, then I tranq'd the second but Moo also put his banner down for the second, and then I had tree form for one other and for one other I had mushrooms as a last ditch).  Luxy walked away with Tier and Bish got the offhand.

Twins was not as smooth as last time.  Asys admitted that he was capped (!!!) and also we healers were a bit fail because we forgot NOT to heal the person with the mist beast hitting on them.  Disco quite enjoyed killing himself.... and all his "dad" jokes through the night.

"If for bird flu you get tweetment, for swine flu do you get oinkment?"

You see where these jokes are going.  Having missed the last few raids, Disco made up for it with his usual continuous stream of commentary.  Good for Asys, because now the heat was off him and Disco was the one eliciting groans from the raid.

Sev did the drawings and we got twins down after we sorted ourselves out.  Tier helm was taken by Souglyy and Moo got a tanking neck.

That didn't leave us much time for Lei Shen and Lush had to learn it all over again, but he was getting it.  He didn't quite realise how hard Lei Shen hit him for and he went splat at the pillar.  And we still need to get our areas sorted again.  Hopefully with a week working on it, it will be ok.  I hope every healer turns up next week, because if Lush is to learn to tank it, I can't have him offspec healing it.

I am still mucking around with the EPGP thing, and the addon takes some tweaking for me to work out still. Like when the lootEPGP comes up, I don't put the loot in there AND inthe EPGP addon as well because then you get double charged.  And of course, I forgot to put master looter on.  AND I should accept the values of the items that are allocated by the addon because it's weighted and I keep forgetting that.  When patch goes live, hopefully I will have worked it all out.

I've noticed a few guildies gearing up for Flex raids, which is rather encouraging!  Looks like we will have a nice number to hit flex on Sundays when it goes live.  Can't wait!


  1. You missed the best part of the night.

    Luxy popping all of her cooldowns on Lei Shen, then clicking on a warlock portal and wasting full ascendance... Hopefully we get some good turn outs and can get him down before patch!

    Still no shield for me. Hopefully next tier is nicer to me!

    I'm super excited for 5.4, can't wait to kill some bosses with our bigger group!

    1. I didn't realise you had popped Ascendance! I did see you zooming off though LOL!


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