Minipost: Wednesday raiding - I hate Tortos still

Outvoted yesterday 4:3 for reset vs extend with 2 voting they didn't mind and Disco abstaining (until really late), we were stuck with doing the first few bosses again.  We wiped on Horridon because the boss was DPS'd down to 25% when we were on the 4th door and adds were still up, but we knocked it down the second time.  Lush was tanking on his monk but he wasn't feeling very well and after council he had to go lie down.

Council was messy but we didn't wipe for once.  Aza was unhappy because he got stuck in sand for 45 seconds - I seriously did not see anything to dispel and he had typed it in chat and you know how often I look at that during the fight, especially before Sul goes down.  However, gear helps and mana was shit for a little bit until things calmed down and once Sul was dead it was easy.  Familiar story.

Moo came for Tortos and I was a noob and tried to sleep a big bat and pulled the other mob of bats with my butt.  Xyn was learning to kick and he really liked it and he was doing well, but we still wiped continuously on it from fall damage and bats.  Ugh.  I hate that!  So we didn't get Tortos down and I felt sad that we were stuck doing all this stuff from the beginning instead of killing Lei Shen.

Souglyy, Luxy and Mctacky zoned in to the raid to try to do their jumping for the gun, and I'm not sure if any of them got it but after we spent the raid soaking people with our water pistols I think more people wanted them.  Here are some pics of me and Aimei (Lush's panda) being silly with the water gun.

This is a stick up!  Hands in the air!
Oof! That's cold!


  1. lol, our entire raid team spent ages dripping wet. With quite a bit of teasing about my inablity to jump ;).
    I noticed last night that vuhod was being silly and not showing me who had biting cold on them which was annoying, wonder if it needs an update. Do you use vuhdo or a healing addon to heal with?

  2. I've noticed the gun is colour coordinated with your outfit Navi, so does that form part of your transmog gear now?


  3. Your PVP outfit matches really well.


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