Minipost: Monday raiding - Not as good good as I'd hoped...

 It was Xyn's first time doing these bosses outside of LFR and Durumu was a little different but he got the hang of the maze.  Poor squishy mage died lots but he seemed to enjoy himself... even when he accidentally bloodlusted (or whatever it is mages do) before the pull /facepalm.  He was kicking himself over that but in all reality I wasn't even fussed.  After all, I had my share of stuff ups - I jumped back in the life draining beam one time when I'd already had stacks so that wasn't good.

I did try to grab Az before he got knocked away, but I was too slow.  In our kill attempt, I had life drain beam and then I had the Force of Will and Xyn gallantly took the beam as I displacered away and he got knocked off the platform.  After that attempt Xyn whispered me and said Force of Will was the only ability he didn't quite understand, but NOW he does.

Disco walked away with some new legs and on we went to Primordius, who wasa pushover, and everything was DE'd.

I would have liked to have Animus down but for some reason we were dying to the Font and I had a bad dispel whilst I was tranqing!  Durumu had hiccups but I think the beam running is heaps bettter even though healers and melee are in disagreement about it.  We won't go into that because I can see their point of view but I also have my selfish point of view too!

Animus as usual was fun, and I like it, though the DPS moaned at it.  At least this time we did the trash and it only took us two goes to get it down LOL!

Oh well, one more week till 5.4.  I am unsure if we will get Lei Shen before then, and I am resigned to the fact that we probably won't, but that's ok!  A new raid to play with will distract me enough.


  1. Oh, sure. Just neglect to mention who you MURDERED with that bad dispel!!

    I like Dark Animus. I find it fun! Primordius is boring, though I appreciate him falling over so easily but he should just pack up and leave the Throne of Thunder and save everyone some time. :D

  2. I got to see ToT for the first time last night. I was actually quite surprised at how little was different from LFR if you actually pay attention to the mechanics in LFR instead of ignoring them. There were some bosses that I didn't really know what one mechanic was, but I expected it to be like that on every boss and didn't want to mess things up for everyone else that knew the fights.

    I think if you can convince everyone to extend for this last week that you guys will get Lei Shen.

    1. Fingers crossed... thanks for the encouragement though Cain. I hope so!


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