Minipost: Monday raiding - More Lei shen

Getting the platforms right was our focus for last night.  Luxy sat out for Xyn (she wasn't feeling well) - and I thought well, one squishy for another squishy, both of whom can bloodlust... woot!

So after a few attempts we were consistently getting it down.  Bish was having a hard time in that phase with healing - nice to see him healing his guts out for a change :D - and Aza did not want to part with him so Disco was stuck with Xyn and Sabre.  But we all had it down and then next was sorting out the tanking for the next bits.

Asys was feeling a little bad because he wished he was Raked but I told him not to worry.  Moo was having some moments and complained that he didn't like being pulled - I had symbiosed Bish and was using lifegrip to drag people around, and dragging tanks around seemed to be logical.  The comment about being pulled and taking all your balls to Disco made me sound like some whorehouse frequenter, but we got him down to about 53% before we wiped, but practice will get us there.

Next week however, is a bit of a pickle.  I am keen to kill Lei Shen, but there are many others who are keen to start over.  It is true that it's my selfish desire to get Lei Shen down before 5.4 to show that we cleared something, but I can understand that the others still want gear.  It's a tough one!


  1. I really want to kill Lei Shen before 5.4!!


  2. If it's an execution thing that's holding you back from the kill and not a gear thing, then definitely extend. I imagine you achievement hunters totally want that Ahead of the Curve achieve (Plus, progression ftw!)

    Good luck with the decision :)

    1. Thanks Neri! But I think I will have to put it to a vote :(


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