Friday PvP - Tournament touring

Tournament is finally live!  I told Shab and Sev we needed to get online so we can farm noobs who are there for the pet.  But there aren't that many teams on at the times we were on, which was a bit of a shame!

We played against 2 teams who were there for pets - Luxy, Zeirah and their Dwarf Warlock teammate, and another triple DPS team.  We won a few games playing against them.

Then we had the REAL teams come.  There was a team that we couldn't beat with a resto druid, ele shaman and warlock.  The druid was so offensive!  I wonder if I should play a little more like that - I can't help it, I'm such a healer at heart.  Shab and Sev were a bit disheartened after constantly being farmed by them, but I tried to use it as an opportunity to learn... and all we learned was that they hurt!  There was also a double ele shaman team with a healer (priest I think) and they were bloody painful as well.  Queues were slow though which was a pain.

So, to pass the time and keep the games going, we decided to explore the world.  Tournament world is different from normal world - there are basically no NPCs around anywhere except the vendors for tournament and the arena masters sitting on their skeletal drakes.  And they're all goblins!

And you can talk between the factions - Luxy was alliance and we could talk to her, which was rather cool.  So here we are in Stormwind, mounted for pics.  You can even friend opposite faction characters on the realm and talk to them!

We started in Stormwind Keep.  There was a cool map in one of hte rooms - Shab and Sev wondered if it was Alterac valley.

So we decided to visit all the faction leader places and take pics of them with us on the thrones/pedestals etc.  Here we are in Varian's spot.

We then took the tram to Ironforge and went to visit the Brawler's arena over there, which is in a rather cool spot, hidden away underneath the tram track.  We sat in one of the seedy booths and took a look at the arena itself.  Pretty cool, I reckon.

The vendors look the same in all the cities!

 And here we are in Bronzebeard's room.

Underneath Ironforge we had fun exploring - it looks like the mines of Moria down there!  We saw the crystal dwarf and wondered about the lore behind it - those books look amazing by the way!

So I thought the ol' crystal dwarf could have a pic with his arm around me. Heh.

And since we were in the Mines of Moria we thought we had to do a bit of Fellowship of the Ring.  I couldn't stop laughing because how can you be scared of that g-string clad ass without chortling... really!

But I think this shot turned out rather well!  Flamestrike effects by Shab!  I should have put my flaming horns on!

So off to Gnomeregan we went... it was a bit dull, but these gnome beds are so cute!  Look at Luxy sleeping on her little gnome bed, she's adorable like a little doll!  The rest of us have our feet sticking out.

As we went  to Darnassus and we stopped by Theramore on the way to look at Jaina's old spot.

Then flew to Darnassus.  Not much there really to take a picture of!

And finally to Exodar.  Shab liked these holograms so we had to try to get as many of them in the picture as we could.  And so ended our tour of the Tourney realm!


  1. Ahem - check email Nav - sadly not live :(

  2. How fun to explore the Alliance cities as Horde! I do feel like the Alliance Brawler's Pub has more atmosphere than the Horde brawl arena.

    The crystal Dwarf is old Magni Bronzebeard, former ruler of the Dwarves. Remember during the pre-Cataclysm world even where you had to rescue the guy carrying mysterious tablets from Ulduar? On the Alliance side, they ultimately go to Magni. He reads on them a ritual to "become one with the Earth" and decides to try to use it to calm the elements. It turns him into this big diamond, and then Moira comes and tries to take over, leading to the current Council of Three Hammers. During Childrens Week, the Alliance orphan kid takes you down here to see him and there's a little scene with the NPCs around him.

    1. I agree about the atmosphere! I wish the Horde one was like that. And maybe I should do Alliance children's week some time!

  3. The Balrog had a thong on. Who knew?

    1. You know, from memory I swear it was going commando. ...


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