Fiction: Goodbye

It had to be something overlooking the sea.

Luxygaga had preferred the dry grass bluffs of Kun-Lai, but Navimie had felt the trees of Jade Forest seemed better fitting.  They sat on the grass overlooking the ocean, on a high rise just north of Sri-La village, near Emperor's Omen.  The winds were strong here, and tasted faintly of salt and mossy earth, but Navimie was glad because the brisk winds dried the tears before they could roll down her cheeks.

Luxy hugged her friend, her own eyes gleaming with unshed tears.

"Do you remember, all those times we did Warbringers..." started Luxy.

"..And that one time we were double tanking and splitting into two teams with a tank in each?  Yeah."  A faint smile crossed Navimie's lips.  Her expression turned wistful.  "He never managed to score a mount though."

Luxy sighed, her eyes taking on a faraway look.  "He was my cheerleader in Brawler's.  I'm sure I couldn't have gotten Disruption down without his encouragement - or his buffs."  She grinned.  "He must have the patience of a saint.  He cheered me on for.. OMG, HOURS."  She rubbed her cheek, a little embarrassed.  "I don't even know if he watched me win in the end, he cheered me when I just kept being beaten over and over and OVER."

"A better friend than me," Navimie laughed, then winced as Luxy elbowed her in the ribs.  "Are you sure he won't be back?"

"You got the same mail as me.  Crafting mats, and stuff?"

"Yeah.  Selling your armour and weapons is pretty final."

Navimie sighed.  "At least I will always have something to remember him by.  Do you remember my Depleted Kyparium Rocket?"

"I still haven't gotten one of those made!  And I'm an engineer!"

A solemn silence descended again on them, as they both became lost in their thoughts, dwelling mainly on memories of their friend.

The two friends talked about the battlegrounds they had done with him, how he so rarely got angry or lost his temper.  How he always seemed so calm and even tempered and gentle, every time they spoke to him.  How they never knew how sad he had been.

And now he was gone.

Navimie had hauled a flat stone to the green peak, and together she and Luxy chipped at it, carving a paw print onto it - the Frostwolves guild logo.  Luxy had also brought a collection of fireworks, and Navi had sewn a small banner to cover the stone.  Luxy lined them up and set them to fire in sequence, and the two of them lay on the grass as they watched the multicoloured explosions light the evening sky.  The sky fires danced their brilliance upon the golden threads of Navimie's banner, as it flapped violently in the wind.

We miss you, dear friend
The door is always open
If spirits return

A horn sounded in the distance, heralding the arrival of a Zandalari Warbringer to the Pandarian shores.  Navimie raised herself on her elbows, looking at Luxygaga.

"Shall we dispatch this one, in honour of our departed friend?"

Luxy nodded, and she summoned her Pureblood Fire Hawk.  Navimie held her hand out and Luxy placed her palm to hers.

"For Pandahahka," they said, in unison.


  1. I'm so sad reading this! I will miss Pandahahka! :(

    All the mats he sent me will go towards my Rocket.

    1. I will miss him too. Maybe we will see him again.


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