Challenge Mode Noobs - Silver Scholo

Last weekend the Challenge Mode Noobs had a rest from Scarlet Monastery and decided to tackle something different - Scholo!

It was a longish instance, and I remember the first time we went, we had some difficulty with some parts.  We went back later with Arv because he missed out, and didn't improve on our times but at least we got him a Bronze.

So with the first boss, Instructor Chillheart, we jumped down, and you have to engage that first acolyte and make sure no fears get off or you get feared and pull one of the adds on the sides.  We did that perfectly and we didn't stand in any bad circles and we ran out to do Jandice.  Though Luxy, Lush and I have the addon I'm still pretty hopeless at finding the exact copy.  However, we seemed to do really well and every boss went pretty smoothly.  I would have said it was just about perfect for a CMN run!

We decided that we could probably skip Professor Slate as he wasn't on the kill table and you Luxy went to open the door and I waited to see if we could get past it, but she aggroed the Professor but he reset after we ran out of the room.  Sev had a bit of a swearing fit because he took his pot but because some of us hadn't run he hadn't gone down and thus his pot was on cooldown.  But we made it by.

However, Darkmaster Gandling continued to be a problem.  We died to adds, a lot, and it seemed like no matter where I went they came and killed me.  Then I read that you have to range those adds, and since those adds seemed to be making a beeline for me, I should go the other side.  Aza was on Vent and he said that not only I, but Luxy and Sev should go there as well, because that's how he did it.  Once we did that, it was better.  Lush was on Aimei, his monk, so he had to run away from those adds before they killed him.

So when we went back with our newfound knowledge, we managed to make a HUGE improvement on our time (knocked 15 minutes off!) and get ourselves a silver!

We were so pleased!  After bashing our heads for ages on Scarlet Monastery we were really happy to get something new!  I think I was chuffed for hours - and Arv has a better explanation on his blog about our run in Scholo.

This weekend the Challenge Mode Noobs didn't get to go because yours truly slept in (my piss poor excuse is that I've been sick all week and also I forgot to bring my phone into the room to wake me up) so I'll see if we can do some tonight or whether we wait till next week!


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