Bad things come in threes....

Yesterday we had a flurry of people with real life stuff on, so we were down an amazing number of people. Raked was helping Mrs Raked coz she's having a hard time with pregnancy, Sabrehawk was busy seeing clients, Disco had contracted a man-cold and was bedbound, Roshii was out of game time and it was Moopie's wife's birthday so he took her out for a fancy dinner at one of Joel Robuchon's restaurants.  Holy moly!  So we had 9 people in raid and no backups in sight, so we had to call the raid.  And I was looking forward to doing twins!

I had also asked Sev to come do some arenas on tournament now it's live, and he said ok, but as we were doing LFR he felt unwell and had to log off!  Shab was nowhere to be found, so I was bumming around doing Warbringers (or rather, NOT doing warbringers - I was trying to gem and chant new gloves and Luxy and Xyn grabbed one trying to hold it but they died and the warlock waiting there took it) and War Scouts (also, NOT doing war scouts, because it kept fearing me down the hill and would reset - 4 times!!).

That LFR was abyssmal by the way.  Not only was I totally lost trying to find my way past the trash to Megaera after accidentally pulling a mob and dying, I died again coming back and had to be talked through it by Lushnek.  Lucky I wasn't kicked for my dumbassness.  And not to mention we wiped on Tortos.  The other tank might have been a bit new - he was tanking the green head with it facing into the raid.  I did something I had been dying to do - I had symbiosed a priest, and so I ran over to the tanking spot, and life gripped him over to the spot so he would tank properly.  Well at least I did SOMETHING useful.

Sev got back on when he felt better, and then we did some 2s.  We had a great run of 2s, only lost one game, and we outlasted and outmana'd the other teams like we used to do.  Then Shab got on and omg I dunno what happened but we were smashed by every team bar one who was low rated anyway.  The warrior, DK and priest farmed us (that DK really hurt!) and there was also a jungle fever team which overwhelmed us as the usually do.  I was frustrated by then, as I was getting focussed, cc'd and stunned and couldn't really help my teammates and lucky we went out on that crappy win.

So this morning... I get online quickly and Asys was on and said that Raked was hacked!  He had gotten online late at night and DE'd all his gear and left the guild and when Luxy had challenged the hacker, calling him names and HACKER YOU SUCK etc, the hacker removed Luxy from Raked's battletag!  So I sent messages to Raked and Sabre this morning to let them know and we'll just have to wait and see.  Raked sent me an email this morning saying he found out and he would try to get on and raid but if he's got family issues, it's no biggie, we'll cope!

So tonight, we'd better be raiding.  Because bad things don't come in 4s!  And I have watched the Fatboss video and wondering if I get to do some star drawing - it looks like a heavy healing fight! Moo said he'd be on and he would tank so if Raked needs some time off, it will be ok.  That's provided everyone else comes!  Xyn has now become available to raid so it's great to have another spare person around to help fill the raid numbers :)  Mage love woot!


  1. Again what the hell is a man cold!?

    1. ;)

    2. Thank you dahling!! I was on a walk and trying to type on my phone, and it occured to me Urban Dicitonary would be the best, credible source. I was thinking it might be a hangover: glad to see it was an overwhelming urge to watch TV. Next time CD Rogue puts on "How It's Made" I'll tell him. What if, however, it's me who wants to watch The Regular Show, Celebrity Ghost Stories, or Mythbusters? Or when it's a woman she's just watching TV? Apparently I have too much time on my hands this morning. Shutting up now.

  2. Oh and welcome to my LFR world! Lol

  3. It could go either way with Disco: he did make it to work this morning, but it appears he took the whole drug cabinet with him. Usually I would mock him for man-flu, but I think in this case we may all have actual flu. Liam's been fighting a fever since Sunday and I'm expecting my head to explode any moment now. Fingers crossed for you guys that Disco's 12 hour sleep last night has left him in better shape than us!

  4. Oh no, things have to start looking up after all that. Hope Disco feels better and Raked gets his account back.


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