As 5.4 approaches...

I was pretty excited watching the 5.4 trailer, I thought it was pretty amazing.  The raid looks exciting!  And poor Taran Zhu...

I would have liked to have Lei Shen down, and sometimes, I feel a little gimpy that we haven't.  Now that we have solid raiding happening, I think that we will at least have a good start on the next tier.  It seems a while since we had the 80 wipes before a boss kill thing happening.  One of my friends, whom I used to think was rather casual, has killed Lei Shen and teases me that now I'm the scrub.  Though inside you bristle a little, I do feel a little better because when I ask him how do you do this fight and that fight, he shrugs at me and says "I don't know I just hit stuff they tell me to hit."

It makes me wonder how classes are changing.  People don't want to do things other than DPS because doing other roles - such as kiting, kicking, controlling, driving - drops your DPS.  And though it shouldn't be, it seems like EVERYTHING is about numbers these days.  Godmother said
It is the notion of damage is everything, often to the detriment of everything else.
Our two biggest damage dealers, Roshii and Aza, do think this.  I don't blame them - they pull AMAZING numbers and it seems a waste to have to make them do other things.  Both are also excellent players with great awareness and skill, so it's not like they just stand around DPSing stuff and standing in bad because they don't wanna gimp their DPS, they are the ones who more often than not don't die to stupid things like cyclones and holes in the ground or knockback.  I am often laughed at because of my hopelessness at working my head around certain 3D mechanics which takes me a long time to get the hang of.  But hey, I am far from a brilliant player, the main thing going for me is that I LOVE to play and try to improve as best I can, and I don't give up.

I look forward to seeing some of the druid changes - there are so many that it may change my heal style and choices.  Icaruss was telling me about it, and I look forward to seeing them being implemented.  I have felt really strong these last 2 patches, and I wonder if that strength will continue.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to see this message on Twitter:

And I was quite excited and pleased to have Voros join our guild as a social/casual raider as I do remember my very first Navispam (before it was Navispam) was of him and Glow.  I had forgotten that they were on Saurfang - when I think about it, I did remember when I was first scouting Saurfang because I had a level 1 gnome there with the name Navimie, and I remembered it was from meeting Glow.  So I was expectantly waiting for a tell and I got one in mid raid and I invited him on his little BE hunter, and then he decided to do a big move and he faction changed his DK to horde.  Which of course, came with all the disorientation of navigating Orgrimmar from a lifelong alliance player and trying to find things that we Hordies for life take for granted.

Which brings me to what I am excited, and a little nervous about - Flex raids.  Excited because suddenly we can have a big group to play with, but nervous because what if it doesn't work out?  I just want everyone to just have fun playing in a large group - after all this is an MMO, you are supposed to play with other people - but what if personalities clash, or people get angry?  I am hoping that it's just that little bit harder than LFR so it's not just a yawnfest, but it's not so hard that people get angry at those who make a few mistakes.  Since we've moved, the guild has had an increasing social membership, many whom have had raid experience or leadership roles, so allowing them the opportunity to at least dip toes in some content but keep playing for fun is what I've been trying to aim for.  But it's easy for me to forget that although I know the new members or where they came from, that everyone else doesn't and it is hard to fit into a new home.  I just hope that if there are any grievances they are brought to me and not left to simmer into an explosion just waiting to happen.

I guess I'll find out... NEXT WEEK!  Bring it on!


  1. I think the biggest thing is that as a dps you only have to know one piece of the fight instead of the whole thing. Healers and tanks tend to have to know the entire fight. So maybe it's not about numbers as much as it's about responsibility. I know for me that's a big part of it since I came back to the game. I can wing most fights as a dps even if I don't know the fight. I used to love tanking, but the celestial challenge on one of my alts is about the extent of my tanking this expac.

    1. I don't even think as a healer you need to know! I think maybe it all falls to the tanks these days :)


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