Wednesday raiding - So THAT'S what I was doing wrong...

No Tortos this week.  Yippee!!  That's a wonderful start to the raid week.

We started on Megaera and with Raked back it was nice because he is not only relaxed about what we're supposed to be tanking and calling out taunts, he makes me laugh because he is so blase about it all.  We were one over so had to sit Sabre out (though he volunteered because he was sick, or so he said).

We had two wipes with runners dying again, so I decided to swap it up and I stopped healing the tanks and I was full time healing the runners.  OMG why didn't I do that before!  I felt less stressed, I could run and heal and I could switch my lifeblooms onto them.  The only time I stuffed it up was when Disco had it and I thought meh, he can heal himself but he died.  Whoops.  Next time I will heal him.  It was nice having 4 tranqs though!

Because of that my heals overall were not as high, and Disco managed to win (as pallies should!) but what does it matter, it died.  Moo took a tanking item and Aza got a sexy offhand.

Onto Chi-Ken Ji-Kun, and we had the fun trash to do.  I tried to be sneaky and I symbiosed Bish so I could pull Sev into the path of the snail but it didn't work - all it did was get Sev to laugh at Bish for his failed attempt at trying to kill him.  LOL.

Gutsy and Falln were whispering me to just do the bottom nests then get up and burn the boss, so we tried that and we did pretty good.  Closest wipe was 7%.  Luxy and Moo were on nest duty with Disco and poor Luxy was having squishy times dying lots from lack of healer love.  I was up top doing tanks and boy does mana get tight when there are tons of green puddles everywhere!  I need to time my healing cooldowns better, and make use of all the lovely tranquilities we have in the raid.  Looking forward to raid tonight!  Though we may have a big turnout, so we're going to have to figure out who to sit out this time.... ugh.  Not nice times!