Wednesday and Thursday Raiding - Half way there

I wish the raid would go smoother!  We still die on Council, we still die on Tortos, and it's kinda painful!

Asys sat out so Lush got on his monk to tank but with no hunters or rogue to help with misdirects it was ugly with adds all over the shop!

Council was the only boss on Wednesday where someone took mainspec loot!  Grats to Aza on new robes!

Tortos was kicking our asses and the locks even said when they totally stopped worrying about DPS and focussing on turtles did we get it.  Even then, we still had dead people.  Ugh.  You think it would be tidier by now!  But it's still so random at times.  Awesome shield dropped and Disco finally got rid of his awful 476 fan.

Megaera went down on the second go and nobody wanted anything, but Ji-Kun dropped legs for Luxy and a cloak for Raked.  Phew!  Hopefully by the end of the week we will be back on Iron Qon and we can get down to the business of progress.

In other amusing news, Disconcur posted a hilarious pic on his blog.  I have to put it here because it made me laugh.

However, I would like to point out that I am NOT a PIG ON CHICKEN FEET!  However, we made the obvious jokes about hoping Disco's healing is better than his art skills (ie making us look like smudges on the floor)... which resulted in Luxy making this....


  1. At least he has his clothes on!

    1. I did wonder whether he thought coming out of your shell meant you had to shed... your shell....


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