Thursday raiding - Unanimating the Animus

I was scared of Dark Animus. It seemed so different, the trash seemed kinda hard... and the fight was a different - definitely an interesting mechanic though!

So Roshii and Moo explained the fight.  Initially the tanks were going to all go on one side and drag their anima golems to a dead large anima golem and dump the anima of them in there.  Lush and I were up the back and Disco was on the far side.

Nobody told me I had to HIT the anima golem.  Usually it just agros onto me - and everyone else's one as well!  After that embarrassing mistake I always made sure to noobfire it.

That attempt didn't work very well.  Tanks were out of range, I was running trying to heal Sabre, dragging my golem through other ones making it hit me harder.  Then we decided to have a tank on each side of the room, between two mobs and hopefully they wouldn't get standing next to one other and getting charged up.  That worked a lot better, and I was really happy!

So this is how we set it up.  A big thank you to Heliocentric because I stole her picture of the setup because it is so awesome, and I am using it to explain how we positioned.

This was how we set up.  I think that it was a good spread of healers that way.  I could reach pretty much only Lush, Moo, Sabre, me and Raked.  We are all standing next to the little ones.  The little grey ones are the inactive ones, the little dark ones are the alive ones that agro when the fight starts.

So we were dumping the charges (or anima) into the dead big ones.  Each one can hold 2.  Because it's inactive it doesn't wake up when they dump anima into it.  Raked took his to the spot and Sabre DPS'd it down, and the same for Asys who took his to the spot and Luxy and Souglyy DPS'd it down.  Roshii moved his into the back corner and DPS'd it otherwise if he didn't it would get superchrarged from being next to the two little grey inactive ones.  Once he was done, Moo brought his over to that one as well and killed it.

The healers had theirs taunted away by either Moo, Asys or Raked.  Asys took his mob that he got from Disco and killed it at the X and that activated the Massive Anima Golem.  Asys took it to the middle and tanked it there whilst all the DPS who still had a mob brought theirs one by one into the middle to be killed and so its anima would be sucked into the Massive Anima Golem (who can hold 36).  Then the DPS went around killing all the inactive ones to reduce the number of golems around for when Dark Animus spawns.  I was dispelling the matter swaps and that interrupting jolt really hurts - need to make sure everyone is topped up!

I didn't notice the other abilities, like the anima ring, but the DPS dealt with that.  I used tranq straight after an interrupting jolt and I did the dispels, waiting 5-6 seconds before I dispelled.  There is also this horrible debuff Anima Font, which you have to run outside the raid for since it does damage to other people as well.

Suddenly, it fell over dead!  I didn't even have time to FRAPS!

Onto Iron Qon!  We hadn't really read up on it, so that will be our task for Monday :)

Now, the big question is... do we extend again next week or shall we start again from the beginning?  I want to extend so we can maybe get to new stuff, but if we start again we can hopefully breeze through it all quickly.


  1. Grats to you as well! Everyone is killing the Animus today.

  2. Wow you guys are tearing through the place, great job :D

    1. I think the server move was good for raiding even though we only got one new tank but I think people are quite enjoying it here. Especially the AH :)

  3. You sure you aren't a basketball coach with that playbook?

    PS. The AH is my friend


  4. Grats on the kill!

    I love the pictures - in fact, I'm sad I couldn't find a nice visual guide like this when I was planning stuff out for my guild. Usually when we reach a new boss I have a strong sense of what we're doing and quickfire tactics at everyone, but I wasted about ten minutes explaining things, then running around the room with the raid trailing after me, all "x stand here, wait no, that should really be a healer, err... x and z swap places!" In the end I'd accidentally made it so my golems were on opposite sides of the room, but hey, that's what monk teleport is for, hiding your shame when you're so through reorganising. :P

    Have fun with Qon! We've had two nights where we've managed to get in a couple shots at him so far, and it's definitely, er, interesting...

    1. Thanks Nyx! I saw the pic (and found a new blog to read in the process) and found that it was heaps easier to show on a picture that read what I'd typed! I am sure Iron Qon will not be a cakewalk like Primordius and Animus, but I hope it's not a raid breaker!

  5. Please tell me that the Blood Elf in her undies isn't my husband?!

    1. Ummm yes I did try to get him dressed but he doesn't listen...

  6. Grats on the kill Navi, and thanks for posting this one! I had your blog open mid-raid last night at Animus to make sure I was doing it right. :D


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