Thursday raiding - KFJ (Kentucky fried Ji-Kun)

We were all pretty pumped tonight, thinking that Ji-Kun was going to go down.  Sabre was sick again, and Sev offered to sit out because Souglyy came online - it was her first raid on Saurfang, I think!

With our two bear tanks Asys and Raked confusing the hell out of us because all bears look the same, Moo, Luxy and Disco were on nests again, and Souglyy, Aza and Lush were DPSing on the platform.  We were getting close!  We got to 5%.

The nest team was doing the rounds again, and I asked Gutsy and Falln if that's what they do, and they said they only do one round of nests, so we did that and we got it down!  I have to say it really is great having the extra heals from Lushnek's tranquility for quills, because my tranquility is not quite up yet!

Yay Frostwolves!
Moo got Talonrender Chestplate and I got Tier legs (yes, I haven't gotten it from Nalak yet) and then off we went to do Durumu.

Of course, none of us had looked at the fight, but most of us except one person (they know who they are!) have done it on LFR.  And boy is it totally different!

Firstly, when he does that Force of Will thing, you have to move out of KAPOW you go flying and die!  Secondly, you don't go running around when you've got the light on you like you do on LFR to find all those Fogs, coz that's bad!  You only want to find the red ones, and if you find a BLUE one, it's bad.  So that was hilarious to find out after we were running around like on LFR LOL.

The maze is the same.  People died at first, but got better towards the end.  We just need practice on seeing the electricity things!  Az was saying to me don't panic, you have plenty of time (because I panicked coz I couldnt' see the path and tried to run to Lushnek who was on the outside and died).

Looking forward to bashing at it on Monday.  Disco teased me, half jokingly about how lousy I was as a raid leader because I hadn't read the fight.  I don't raid lead this stuff!  I just do the boring loot and DKP part and healing!  Oh that's one bad thing, we weren't healing the tanks to full when they had that debuff so that probably didn't help with heals...

But woo!  Progress yay!  Thanks Falln and Gutsy for the tips :)  Oh, and I did my special trick again - I made the food table disappear as soon as I sat down to eat it.  Luxy calls it "Tauren portions"...


  1. Grats guys, glad we could be of service still :)


  2. I picture the Tauren sitting down and the whole table tilting, food sliding, people grabbing as items before they hit the floor...


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