Silly post: Frostwolves draw Navi

Everyone said such positive things about my daughter's bugbear drawing, and Tacky piped up and said that everyone should draw Navi, and I thought that's so cool!  I was interested to see what hilarious or wonderful things my guildies would come up with, and thank you all who drew something!

Tacky sent me his pic straight away!  OMG I am an ANGRY BEAR!

Aza sent his picture of a very good bear!  I never knew he drew!  Now if only my butt was that small!  And the tattoo looks cool!

Disco followed up his Pig with chicken feet with the similarly themed chicken with bear feet.

Casa, a new member but a friend of Neri's from Concur, even joined in and drew me this, which at first I was stumped.  I was embarrassed for not knowing what it was so I asked Luxy.  She said she didn't know what it was either.

"Send it to me," said Aza.  So I did.
"OMG you call yourself a NERD?  And you don't know what that is?  I don't believe you Navi.   That's just... OMG.  If you asked ANYONE - Sev, HK, Tacky - they could tell you what it is.  I don't believe you, OMG."

"Ok, Ok, Az I get it, I'm dumb!  Just tell me what it is!"

"Come on, Navi.  Legend of Zelda?  That annoying fairy who always says hey! Listen!"

Ohhh.  I have never played Zelda but many people have asked me if I named my toon after that fairy.  I had never seen what it looked like - poor Casa she must think I'm so stupid!

Luxy drew me a pic also - and she felt bad because she thought I looked like a pig!  I think I look very Star Wars! :)

Faith was excited to draw me - she took out all her drawing implements wondering what she was going to use.  And look at what she drew!  What a fantastic drawing!


  1. Oh wow, who knew! Your guild is actually an artist colony!

  2. You know, every time you /w me saying "Hey!" I hear it in my mind as Navi's voice from Zelda :P

    1. Possibly sometimes the voice sounds like this >.>

      Hey, it's cute! (Most of the time!)

    2. You know what? I'm going to do that in raid tonight!

  3. OH GOD! Why did I send you that?!?!

    1. But I love it! I love all of them!

  4. All you Frostwolves, you are so, so awesome! Well-done, everyone! :D

    1. Thanks for the praise Kam! My guildies are very awesome!


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