New achievements

No new pets I have STILL been digging like crazy so it's not unexpected to see a few more of those achievements bumping my points up!

I saw a Firelands pug being advertised in trade, so I interrupted my PvP night to go along to snag an achievement that's been bugging me for ages.  It turned out it took FOREVER for them to do it because a few of them didn't listen to what we were doing and kept stuffing up the achievement!  At least now I know what they were talking about, the spot on the side to stand, so if I have to do it again, I know!  After about an hour of stuffing around I finally got my achievement, but I couldn't be arsed staying for the Shannox one - one day I will do that.

Did the last few achievements I needed for all my scenario achievements with Arv and McTacky.  Gosh, this one was easy - why didn't I do it the first time I did that scenario?  We actually had a pug for that (it was just me and Arv) and thankfully the pug didn't seem to mind/care that I ran around collecting the buffs all the time.

Tacky came along for this and I will have to go back and help him with his some time!  So I finally finished my Pub Crawl and got my keg.

Challenge Mode Noobs took this week off Scarlet Monastery and did Scholo for a change and netted a silver!  Arv has a great post on it - I will do mine soon, so you can read (or not read) the noobishness that we got up to in there :)

And a new rare thanks to Ayelena!


  1. Wow, congrats on all those scenario achievements and others.

  2. Replies
    1. OMG what will I do when there are no more archy chieves to get???

  3. I have achieve envy! Congrats! wow on the rare from Ayelena, didn't know it existed!

    1. Neither did I until my toon Whoflungdung ran into it's butt and I aggroed it. LOL


  4. Grats on your achievements! Lemme know when you want to get that Shannox one.


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