Navispam: I see ya Saya

Saya of Heals and Heels (or is it the other way around), was formerly known as the Dreamy druid.  Now she plays her priest a lot more, so that blog name kinda didn't fit.  Her blog is full of healing tips for bosses which I really enjoy reading, and every now and then she pops a transmog post in!

So after a long time, I managed to find her!  But I did cheat a little, using battletags :)  Fortunately I already had a toon on that server so that made it super easy!

Saya is one well dressed blood elf!  We met up in Nagrand (as I was stranded on a floating island from my previous Navispam) and she certainly didn't disappoint!  She is one well dressed lady!  And I want that staff!

She brought out a whole range of things from her wardrobe to show me!  A lot of items that are no longer in game (like Alannah's Embrace - the only person I know has that is Cymre) and Robe of Doan.  She also pulled up some old weapons too!

 Anathema and Benediction with matching outfits!

We talked about her new guild, and what she liked doing.  She told me the story behind her blog name - apparently the term came up one day when she was talking about shoes, and when she needed a new blog name she knew exactly what she wanted to call it!

I also wanted to tell her how pleased I was she had found a nice place to raid - her blog had been a bit gloomy lately with nasty experiences with her raid group and guild.

A day later, I realised that we were both the same faction, so I could actually meet her in an instance, so off we went to the nearest one (Mogu'shan Palace - boy I thought my sense of direction was bad.  I think Saya could give me a run for my money!) and here we are, meeting in the pixel!

Thanks Saya for meeting up with me!


  1. Ooooh, the Anathema mog is nice! I do love that staff!

    I went searching to see if she had a post about her Alannah's Embrace mog! She uses the same gloves and weapon as I do for mine. :D

    How can anyone be more directionally challenged than you?! Scary!

    1. Technically she wasn't too bad so I couldn't ReALLY say if she was worse than me! And all those cloth things are so pretty but for someone who has one toon (who wears leather) they're kinda pointless! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting Navi! It was so fun to see you and chat! :)

    PS: I'm pretty sure my sense of direction is worse than yours! I tried doing dailies on Isle of Thunder the other day and it took me twice as long just because I was running around lost for the longest time! :P

    1. Lucky we never do them together... we'd never be able to do them! I get lost ALL the time!


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