Monday raiding - Durumu blues

It was NOT one of our better raid days.  I am also guilty of being a total numbskull when it comes to doing stuff in Durumu, and we spent all night wiping to dumb things.  Raked miraculously found something else to do again, so he was not there to raid - I swear he is avoiding Durumu!

Lush jumped on Aimei to tank, and he is a lot easier to heal - maybe that was because Disco was healing him.  Disco's healing has really taken off - I asked him, was it because of his new shield? - but he said no, he just added something to his healing repertoire that he wasn't using before, which I suspect was Eternal Flame.

So Asys and Lush tanked, Disco, Bish and I healed, and Moo, Aza, Souglyy, Sabrehawk and Luxy were the DPS.

We started the night with Disco bemoaning the evil GM forcing him to heal.  Tacky said that evil GMs in Frostwolves will always become angry-don't-care-hard-ass-tanks (umm we've only had Tout who was prot warr and feral druid, then Fue who was hunter turned holy pally then prot pally... hmm I see a trend here) and I had to try to defend myself saying we never force anyone to do anything they don't want to.

"But look at Sabre!" piped up Aza.  "He has to go beastmaster or survival depending on what we need for the raid."

"But he has a choice now," I protested.  "We have Luxy to bloodlust now!"

"Sabre did you see that!  OMG crushed!  We have Luxy now so we don't NEED you and your hysteria anymore.... you're just old garbage now Sabre!" Bloody Aza that shitstirrer LOL.

"But he has a choice now!  He can choose not to be beastmaster!"  Which basically came back to the fact that he was being forced to be a particular spec when I had just said that wasn't the case... DOH!

But back to our raid.  Me personally, had major stuff ups like I moved the blue beam and revealed the blue mist, even though it was marked.. WIPE!  Then as I ran the red beam I ran over the red and stepped off it... WIPE!  Then another time I ran the red beam and the yellow beam was there on top of the red as well so double hit of lights... WIPE!

But I wasn't the only one.  The hunters had their share of running the red beams like L platers, and the healers too. Disco and Luxy were blast-off twins on one attempt.  Tanks died.  I just wish that the stupid red beam would pick some melee to run it!  There's nothing like Moo being the driver of the blue beam and he stands around dpsing the boss or scratching his ass.

Aza is invincible most of the time, but not when it comes to the maze!  Not sure if its lag or what, but he and Disco/Bish have their share of maze deaths.  Ugh!  Moo told everyone to stand at the front since it does no damage until the maze is fully formed, and I have found that it's a lot better that way, so I am doing that now as well.

Sabre has become my running partner for the outer maze.  I hate the inner maze, because it takes AGES for it to appear and I feel like the gaze is right on my ass before the maze opens up and I end up getting panicky and running in eyesore trying to find the spot.  At least with the outer maze I can roar and run faster, and Sabre can as well, but it is pretty scary when you can see the beam gaining on you!  It's always a bummer when the tanks are with you though... it means the DPS will start going splat!

We eventually got it late in the raid but it was just sooooo... annoying!  It's not Tortos annoying because it feels more like mistakes rather than RNG but I felt like a real doggy doodoo after that raid.  And I couldn't even find a Warbringer to kill to make me feel better either!

So Luxy and I decided to have a trial run of something silly which I've stuck on guild forums.  She aptly named it "The Faily Frostwolf" and here's a sneak peak - for the rest you'll have to pop over to guild forums to have a look!  She is so talented :D

We'll have to see how many complaints we get before we make more.  But I think it looks brilliant!


  1. sexy do we all

    I wasn't offended by Aza's comments at all...I just want his dress :)

    Lastly, it wasn't like a fight we don't know we just couldn't piece it together..even football sides can't win every games (well not likely anyway)


    1. <3 Sabre

      - Aza

    2. I didn't think you would be offended but it makes a good story nonetheless!

  2. OMG! I was expecting you to send me back a bunch of edits! It was really fun to make. I can't wait to start the next one. :D

    Poor Sabre, I usurped his lusting role but at least I made him look good in the The Faily Frostwolf!

    1. I think the fashion police are out to get that as yet unnamed person who is not mogged...

  3. Just wait till you get to heroic Durumu >.< hopefully we will kill him this week...maybe hah

    1. I won't be seeing that this expansion!

  4. Did you know, I have been debating with him ever since he started healing on his Paladin that Eternal Flame is the best choice? But no, stubborn old Disco had to not take it just to spite me! In all seriousness, he finally listened to me at the start of this patch, but it sounds like he wasn't using it to his full potential.

    You guys really need to peer pressure that boy into some transmog. He looks like he's been shopping at the op shop while you guys are all wallet dropping at designer stores :P

    1. LOL! I wasn't going to say anything but I hope this encourages some people to fancy up their xmogs!

    2. We just need to make sure we do it tactfully. One mistep and he'll probably go out and transmog to something even more horrendous!

    3. I suspected as much. Lucky I didn't nag him excessively about his healing or he would have healed poorly just to annoy me!

    4. I pulled out the whole, "What happened to you? You used to be so good at healing!" line. Hopefully his performance improved for you after that :P


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