Minipost: Weird challenge mode daily bug!

The Challenge mode noobs have done the dailies before, but yesterday we had a weird thing happen.  We were doing Scarlet Monastery again (and still being totally idiotic on that pat in the corridor grrr!) and I had collected the daily earlier - it was Siege of Niuzao.  After our challenge mode I went back to the shrine and noticed I had a quest to hand in - and for some strange reason I could hand in the daily!

It wasn't just me, Luxy also had the same thing.

Xyn joined us for the first time in a challenge mode - slight hiccup when we went there was that he hadn't done it on heroic yet, and so we ran him through it quickly and then started.  He really enjoyed it - and he can stay up late too.  Adoe joined us for the first round (I felt terrible coz I had to ask Sev to leave /cries) and it was at least a nice boost to valour.

We bettered our time but we're still short by 1.5 minutes, so we shall work on that next time!  But I think I need a break from SM for a while LOL.


  1. I wish we had known about that bug the whole time! Though I am usually VP capped by then.

    1. But we have had the dailies before and done a different challenge mode and not gotten complete. Have to try that next week!


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